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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions For Freshers

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers: In this article, we are going to provide some of the important and frequently asked Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced candidates.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

To get a brief idea on the job front and to smartly face the interview, you need to be prepared to the best.

Mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers are really simple and it is more about testing your knowledge and this relevant quality questions can help you engrave a bright future.

Define the exact meaning of machine and engine?
Machines can converts any type of energy to mechanical energy except the heat energy
Engine the heat energy will be converted to mechanical energy so this is the major difference of machine and engine

Explain about pump, turbine and justify the difference between pump and turbine?

Pump is an equipment which works on mechanical energy to transfer the fluids.
Turbine is a device which transfers the flow energy of the fluids into the mechanical energy

Main difference of positive displacement pump and centrifugal pump?
The flow rate in the positive displacement pump will not change and remains constant but in a centrifugal pump, the flow rate will be varies with the head.

Explain the major difference of heat pump and heat engine?
Heat engine transfers energy from high temperature to low-temperature medium and produces work, but in the heat pump it transfers energy from low to high temperature medium and external work is required.

Let me know the difference between reaction turbine and impulse turbine?

In impulse turbine, it converts the total amount of pressure energy to kinetic energy. For the reaction turbine it converts some division of pressure energy into kinetic energy and remaining as same as pressure energy.

Gear ratio means?
It is defined as the ratio between the number of revolutions of the pinion gear by idler gear one revolution.

Exact difference of a machine and a mechanism?
A mechanism is a kinematics chain forming with number of links. The purpose of the mechanism is to transfer or transmit or modify motion.

A machine which deals with a mechanism with energies and forces to be transmitted and apply to modify mechanical work.

Pump efficiency factors?
Basically the efficiency of the pump is depends on speed, size and proportions of the impeller and casing.

Major losses of centrifugal pump?
Three major losses of centrifugal pump is friction losses, power losses, Eddie’s losses

What is cavitation damage?
In pumps and pipelines the pressure drops below the vapour pressure is evaporates rapidly in various regions this process is called cavitation. The damage will be occur in the cavitation by vapour bubbles is called cavitation damage.

How to avoid cavitation?

To Avoid  cavitation carefully design the operating speed and suction lift

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers 2020: The Latest mechanical engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download at the end of the article.


To proceed further mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers pdf free download in the below article. These are the examples of the popular questions often asked by the interviewers.

Latest Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download For Freshers

Mechanical Engineering Interview questions freshers: In Present Cutthroat Competitive Scenario, preparing beforehand for an interview keeps one step ahead in line. Mechanical Engineering interview questions for freshers as well as experienced individuals are at must to crack the interview without much fuss.

Thec placement season is on the edge and here are some latest mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers that are often asked in interviews.

More preparation tips in this regard can be found in this article for that, you need to get the information by mechanical engineering interview questions for freshers pdf free download.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download For Freshers

1.Explain What is Ferrite?
Ans: Ferrite is a material of magnetic ironic rock

2.The Second Law Of Thermodynamics Explaination?
Ans:The entrophy of the universe changes over time and reaches towards a maximum value.
3.Gear Ratio definition ?
Ans:It is the ratio of the count of revolutions of the pinion gear to one revolution of the idler gear.

4.Annealing Means?
Ans:It is the method of heating a material above the recrystallization temperature and cooling after a specific  interval period.This increases the strength of the material.

5. A Uniformly Distributed Load Question and Answer?
Ans:It is a load which is spread over a beam in such a way that each unit length is loaded the same level of extent.

6. Representative Elementary Volume question?
Ans:Smallest volume over which measurements can be made and that will yield a representative of the

7 .Reason of LNG pipes curved?
Ans:LNG pipes are curved because LNG is a condensed gas and it can expand to extent level,that’s why engineers designed it curved.

Latest mechanical engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download for Experienced

Q. List out the various types of Fits and explain it?
A. There are three types of fits and they are:
1. clearance Fit
2. Interference Fit
3. Transition Fit

  • Clearance Fit: This category is characterized by the occurrence of a clearance between two mating parts. The variation between the Minimum size of the hole and the maximum size of the shift is known as Minimum clearance. and the other one which variates the difference between the maximum size of the hole and the minimum size of the shaft.
  • Interference Fit: In this mating parts are predefined so that interference between them always occurs.
  • Transition Fit: In this Fit, its mating parts sized limited to allow clearance or interference.

Q. Tell me the Factors which affects the factor of safety selection:
A. There are various points must be taken into consideration and they are:

  •  Applied Load reliability
  •  Localized ( limit of Stresses)
  • loss of property and life in case of failures.
  • properties of the material which is used for the machine.
  • Extent to which the assumptions can be solved
  • The intrinsic properties over the service time period.

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is meant by Heat Treatment?
A. Heat Treatment is nothing but an operation which was performed in heating / Cooling of a Metal / Alloy. To change the size of the grain and also provides better resistance to heat, corrosion etc.
Mainly this heat treatment is generally used in Normalizing, Annealing, Hardening, Case hardening etc.

Q. List out some rules while designing castings?
A.   Fillets must be avoided for frequent use.

  • Avoid the abrupt changes.
  • Casting must be very simple because simplicity is the only key.
  • Ribs and webs used for stiffening.
  • Curved shapes used to develop the stress handling.

Q. Assumptions which was made in the simple theory of bending?
A. The Assumptions are:

  • The beam is a homogeneous material which is uniform density, strength and also having isotropic.
  • The beam is straight and unstressed while initial stage.
  • The beam layer can contract longitudinally and expand laterally.
  • It was very large while compared with a cross-sectional dimension of the beam.

Q. What type of materials used for manufacturing the shafts?
A. HIgh index of strength

  • Machinability with high level.
  • Very low notch sensitivity factor.
  • The material should have to wear resistant properties along with good heat treatment.
  • The shafts are created by the hot rolling method which was finally the shaft is completed using grinding processes.

Q. Explain briefly about different types of springs?
A. springs are classified into various types, they are:

  • Helical springs: In this spring they are another two types: Compression helical spring and Tension helical spring.
  • conical and volute springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Leaf springs
  • Disc springs
  • Special purpose springs.

Q. Define Hess law?
A. The energy transfer is simply independent of the way being followed. the product of the whole process is the same amount of energy will be absorbed.

mechanical engineering interview questions and answers pdf free download pdf

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers



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