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Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers: In this article, we are going to provide some of the important and frequently asked Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced candidates.

Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers


Q) Explain about Production Engineering?
A) Production engineering is an engineering stream that is the technology about manufacturing with management service.

Q) What is production?
A) Conversion of inputs into outputs is known as Production.

Q) What is Industrial Engineering?
A) Industrial Engineering is an engineering stream that is the branch of optimization of the hard process like development, integrated systems implementation, etc.

Q) Tell me about BOM?
A) Bill of Materials is shortly called BOM, A list of parts which provides a product assemble.

Q) Do you know about DCR?
A) DCR full form is Document Change Request, DCR helps to detects the issue with a document, Specification, and also helps to fix the problem.

Q) What is Kanban?
A) It is known as system schedule, Kanban will explain and give ideas to manufacturers about production details, such as What/When/How to produce. In this Kanban scheduling system, refilled inventory happens only when visual cues such as carts appear.

Q) Tell me about MES?
A) The full form of MES is a system that handles the factory floor production with the motto of complete time reduction which required to develop order.

Q) Explain the Differences between Fixtures and Jigs?
A) Fixtures and jigs are the devices that are designed to built accurate duplicate parts in a big amount.
Jigs: Jigs is a device that handles both things like work handling and also tool guiding is known as Jigs.
Fixtures: Fixtures are known as production tools, which can holds, support, and locates the work safely, then the machining functions can be done.

Q) Explain How to reduce downtime and increased production?
A) By using the below steps, I can reduce the downtime and increase the production:
i) If any issues raises on any machine, then I provide the activity maintenance.
ii) I will provide, needed tools, raw materials on the machine.
iii) By arranging them in order wise based on the next procedure, I will prepare an amazing plant layout for machines.
iv) Reduction of useless work and Accurately using Manpower.
v) I will implement Kaizen methods that help production levels to increase and the downtime period will be reduced.

Q) Can you develop the quality during production?
A) By the below following steps, I will develop quality during production:
i) For every 30 minutes checking the components.
ii) Checking the Material quality and Tool accuracy which is used for product manufacture.
iii) If workers can handle the run charts so that workers can check and run chart gives good quality products continuously.
iv) For the Manufacturing procedure, we can use the best coolant quality.
v) Me and workers should maintain the best communication channel for better communication.

Q) How do you schedule different shifts and daily production?
A) From the customers, we can get weekly or monthly schedules. From PPC Department, we can get the exact schedule. I will make plans for shifts and report to workers by mentioning them on the notice board. By giving daily targets sheets to the workers and also check the required tools, coolant, and raw materials.

Q) What is meant by Lean Manufacturing?
A) Lean Manufacturing means a concept of JIT and rechecking from a customer point of view. Based on customer requirements, we should add something to the product.

Q) What is meant by QMS?
A) QMS is meant by Quality Management System. QMS provides companies operation controls, designing, and all the documents which include monitoring, reporting, and also the company should provide quality products continuously.

Q) Explain Batch Production?
A) Batch Production is known as the Technology of the manufacture, Not in a continuous stream, goods are available in groups. This batch production is used when the same products are together produced.

Q) What are the challenges in Product manufacturing?
A) The main motto in Manufacturing is to produce the best production procedure, which ensures correct material and good at low cost, less production time period, reduction in waste, and working for better quality in output product.

Q) What is meant by GMP?
A) The full form of GMP is Good Manufacturing Practice which is well known for its product manufacturing management, food quality control, Medical products, and devices.

Q) Do you know How to calculate Work in Progress Manufacturing?
A) Manufacturing the hard materials into work in procedure which consists of labor, raw material. We can calculate all the factors to know the Manufacturing work in progress cost.
i) Labour Cost
ii) Costing for Raw Material
iii) Cost of Production
iv) Account period Cost of work ending procedure.

Q) Explain the list of factors that can affect the Manufacturing procedure?
A) There are few factors that can affect the Manufacturing procedure:
i) Equipment: For any plant of manufacturing, Equipment is the main unit. In the middle of the production, To get out from risk, regular maintenance is mandatory. Detecting the development of each unit of the Equipment.
ii) Supplies: For a better manufacturing process, we should maintain a good inventory and supply. The manufacturers support themselves and also ready to face any issues in weather conditions or transportation brakes.

iii) Factories Overhead: For reduction of a power cut down or any power supply issues, we should always keep plan B to ready to implement. Because, without power, product manufacturing is impossible.
iv) Replacing Special Parts: Rechanging special spare parts with various specifications may lead to production slowly, so before ordering the spare special parts, make sure the ordered spare parts fit mainly if it is getting from far.

v) Human WorkForce: Human work resource is considered an equal and essential role in Manufacturing Unit.

Q) Explain heat treatment?
A) It is the combination of procedures that cool and heats a metal, in order to get the exact features without changing the forms. Generally, Heat treatment performs like Hardening, Tempering, Normalizing, Case hardening, and Annealing.
Below are the Heat Treatment Motives:
i) Developing the Metal Firmness
ii) In order to improve the metal softening
iii) Improving the Metal machinability
iv) In order to change the size of the grain
v) Providing the best resistance to heat, wear, and many more.

Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Production Engineering Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

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