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IQAMA Online Check in Saudi Arabia

How to Check IQAMA in Saudi Arabia


IQAMA Online Check: In Saudi Arabia IQAMA is consider as Residence Permit which should be renewed at least yearly once and which is a mandatory task. Saudi Arabia citizens can Check IQAMA in online also. Now we can easily check iqama fees, IQAMA Status and check iqama validity in Saudi Arabia through following steps. We simplified the IQAMA check Saudi Arabia in this post. So, people who are looking for check IQAMA in Saudi Arabia information they can get step by step procedure from here.

How to check Iqama Status Online?

Once after coming to Saudi Arabia all the new visitors want to apply for New Iqama. There are two types of IQAMA status that you need to know there are Work permit status and IQAMA status.

If you are interested to know your IQAMA status through the ministry of labor website. click on the link we have provided here

Go through this website to check if iqama is issued or not:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Now change the English language
  3. Mention Border number in the field
  4. Enter DOB according to your passport.

How to Iqama Online

Border number is mentioned at the immigration of Saudi Arabia passport officer when you enter Saudi Arabia. if you didn’t find, then you can check border number through online by entering name, gender, nationality, IQAMA number which is already given by the JAWAZAT.


check Iqama online status

If the ministry of labor didn’t get your info or display your number, it means your IQAMA number is not issued.  then you have to check your work permit status is issued by the Saudi Arabia ministry of labor or not.

How to Iqama Online 2

You should keep it in your mind that your IQAMA number is not issued within 90 days of your arrival to Saudi Arabia. To check the work permit status, you need to open the official link or below mentioned link so that you can easily navigate to the Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia, to check the IQAMA Work permit status you need to enter the bottom number, then your name and work permit number will be displayed.

How to Iqama Online 4



Work permit number will help you to know the IQAMA status. if the system displays this message then you should understand that your work permit is not yet issued, so that you should immediately chase the kafeel. Don’t forget that domestic workers cant check their work permit status by following these procedure.


How to renew Iqama in Saudi Arabia?


Applicants who are looking for New Rules for IQAMA Renewal steps and more information about IQAMA they can read this full post. Applicants should carry the below documents proofs or slips with them while renewal of IQAMA.


List of Requirements to renew IQAMA


Check the below requirements which should be carry with you for IQAMA renewal procedure.


  • IQAMA Renewal fee Payment slip
  • Dependent fee payment slip
  • Maktab Amal fee payment proof
  • Medical Insurance Proof
  • Candidates professional membership account should be active
  • SCE membership
  • Muraris Plus or SCFHS


IQAMA Renewal Fee


Now, coming to the IQAMA Renewal fee charges. IQAMA Renew fees and insurance charges details also mentioned in step by step order. Total IQAMA Renewal fees without dependent fee were about SR 11,000.

  • SR 650 chargeable for IQAMA Renewal Fee
  • SR 4,8000 for dependent fees
  • SE 9,600 for Maktab Amal fees
  • Insurance Charges are SR 500


Applicants can Renewal IQAMA in 3 months advance, through Jawazat we can’t print the card and we can know IQAMA expiry date through Absher.


Following list of IQAMA Renewal after the expiry


  1. For first time candidates should pay SR 500 fine
  2. Second time fine charge SR 1000
  3. Third time banishing


If candidates age is 60 years and want to renewal their IQAMA while emigrant is out of KSA and he is working employee then No, if the candidate is dependent then YES.


IQAMA Renewal for 18 years


Here, IQAMA Renewal fee for dependents above 18 and other requirements are mentioned below. Candidates who are 18+ and looking for requirements for IQAMA Renewal then scroll down for the following required documents.


  • IQAMA Renewal fee for dependents above 18 – 25 years SR 500 Additional fee slip
  • Registration form
  • Son’s Passport photos
  • Father and son’s IQAMA Copies
  • Original educational university certificate.


How to pay IQAMA Renewal fees online through AL Rajhi Bank


If you are an AL Rajhi Bank holder and want to proceed your IQAMA Renewal payment through Al Rajhi Bank, then you should log in to your AL Rajhi Bank account and follow the below steps.


Step 1: Select 3 dashes on your screen

Step 2: Now, choose Payments

Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 1

Step 3: Next select, Government payments option

Step 4: Again, select Expatriate services

Step 5: Finally select, Renew IQAMA.

Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 2



Now, you should mention your IQAMA Credentials / details. IQAMA ID and IQAMA Duration. After filling those fields, expatriate emigrant name and paying fee is correct then select the “CONFIRM” button.

IQAMA Renewal fees online through NCB Bank

If you are an NCB Bank holder and want to pay the IQAMA Renewal fees then you must login to your NCB Bank account and follow the below steps.


Step 1: Go to 3 dashes on top

Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 4

Step 2: Now select SADAD field

Step 3: Select Government payments & Refunds

Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 5


Now, you are going to navigate to next screen here you should enter the following details for payment procedure.


Pay Government Payment field:

Biller – Alien control

Service – Renew Iqama

IQAMA ID – Enter your IQAMA number

IQAMA time Duration – 12 Months



If emigrant expatriate and mentioned amount is correct then select “PROCEED” button to pay the online IQAMA Renew fee.


Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 6


If you want to check if IQAMA renew fees paid or not then you can also follow these simple steps, by following the below steps you can clear your doubts in your mind whether your payment is successful or not.


  • On your screen, Select “Public Query Available Funds”
  • Now enter “IQAMA Number”
  • Finally enter the Captcha code which is available on your screen.

Saudi Arabia IQAMA check online renewal 7


Then, you can see SR 650 deposited under “Passport Deposit”, then your payment has been successful. These are the steps and procedures need to be follow for IQAMA Renewal and IQAMA Fees payment procedures.

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