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How to Print Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Mostly at the time of final exit no need to take print out but for our verification it’s safe to take a print of our final exit paper.At immigration center print copy in not mandatory.

How to Print Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia?

Here couple of process to take print hard copy of your visa exit permit check

  1. You can get a copy from Jawazat office. in this process you have to request your company’s HR or representative they can get the Final Exit Visa copy
  2. Can take print from Absher through online

How to print Final exit visa from Absher

  1. Once you enter to this website
    Moi saudi Arabia
  2. Register Absher to get login details. Once register with your mobile number. Just login the E services.
    Login Absher
    Login Absher with your registerd mobile number
  3. A verification code you will receive to your mobile Number. Just enter that code.
    Enter verification code from your mobile
    Enter verification code from your mobile
  4.  After Login, Go to Electronic services > For Self go to My services, For  Dependent click Family services                                                          select your name
  5. Select the Family Member details.       family Member details
  6. After click on services, it will move to Visa Services click on it.It will open a page at the bottom click on Next Button                                                visa Services
  7. And then select the person and click on the more details.                        select person
  8. Now you can take the printout copy of your exit visa of saudi Arabia
    Print Final Exit Visa
    Print Final Exit Visa

In this way you take a print copy it is so easy and very few steps to get it in online. Don’t miss to read how to get police clearence certificate in Saudi Arabia before the final exit.

check Iqama online status

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  1. Thank you very useful

  2. how to obtain final exit visa if you are outside Saudi Arabia?

    • Hi, If you are outside of Saudi Arabia and need to obtain a final exit visa, you will need to contact the nearest Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate. They will be able to provide you with information on how to apply for the visa and any documents that you will need to provide. It is recommended that you contact the embassy or consulate directly for the most up-to-date information, as the process for obtaining a final exit visa can vary depending on your location and circumstances.

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