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How to Get Police Clearance in Saudi Arabia

How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia?

A person who wants to get a police clearance in Saudi Arabia must visit the police station’s department of criminal evidence and submit the following documents. The police department will then review the documents and send it to the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments. The Ministry will then grant the clearance.

The Saudi Arabian government requires that a foreigner who wants to become a resident or a citizen must have police clearance. There are two ways to get the clearance. The first way is to apply for the police clearance form at the treasurer’s office/treasury department, and then wait to be called for biometrics and picture taking at your local municipal office/city hall/city municipal police station. The other way is to apply for the police clearance form at the passport office and then wait for the police clearance certificate to arrive in the mail.

The Embassy of India in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) – To be applied in Saudi Arabia.

If you are requested that you provide a police certificate from the KSA, you must contact the IRCC Riyadh Office by completing the IRCC Web form – Riyadh. The process is as follows:

1.Go to the Saudi Ministry of Interior website,

2.Click on the”General”link in the menu,

3.Click on the “E-Service”link,

4.Click on the”Get Police Clearance”link,

5.Click on the “Apply Now”link,

6.Complete the form, and submit it.

Police clearance certificate from online.

Here the simple process to get police certificate to stay in Saudi to get saudi pcc?

To get a police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia through online Absher account should be active.

Step 1
Log in GRO in elm system under the Amn section they process the request for certificate.

The process will done by IQAMA number and registered mobile number in Absher account

Step 2
An authentication message will be received to your registered mobile number to the requested person.

Step 3

Login to Absher account with your mobile number
and follow the steps

Services > General Services > Qabul > pending Request > Accept Request.

How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia?
How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia?

After request you will receive a message from AMN. So to confirm your request.

Step 4
After request you will save the document and take a print.

Absher Police Clearance Certificate

Let’s check the process

First step is need a letter of endorsement from embassy or consulate. This letter will get in any embassy by providing minimum document.
For every expat they have Visa or Iqama, passport copy, Photo Identity,
The three documents are need to submit to get a letter of endorsement in Saudi Arabia
1) Visa or Iqama copy
2) passport copy
3) photo identity ( depends on embassy or consulate)
They will charge a normal application fee for this process that depends on the embassy or consulate. Details will get in the application form.
Once you get  this letter of step is attestation. This letter is to get attested by MOFA.( Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
Remember this point Note: it requires Appointment to get attestation from MOFA. So please get the appointment and follow required process.

Once you get attested letter of endorsement. Next step is submit this letter in police station. For submitting appointment is mandatory. So take the appointment from your nearest police station. Here we attached some locations.

Once you submit the complete documents in the police station. It will take around two weeks to get clearance certificate. After two weeks you can collect the from the police station where you submitted your application.

After receiving your clearance certificate, you should attest this certificate with MOFA. It is mandatory. Once the attestation is completed. You can use this anywhere even in out of Saudi Arabia.

How to get Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate after Exit?

Here are the steps to follow to Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate after Exit

Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate after Exit
Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate after Exit

You have to request a letter of copy to the embassy or a consulate through your representative person in Saudi Arabia.

Second step is it requires Local country police certificate with finger prints and attestation should be done Saudi embassy in your country.

They need power of attorney from your family member.

It requires passport copy

Saudi Arabia iqama letter is to be attached.

Couple of white background photos which is to be a recent one’s.

Last document a copy of employment certificate in Saudi Arabia.( It is not mandatory).

Here I will show what is the process after completing the above process.

police clearance certificate submission
police clearance certificate submission

Once you submit all the documents to Saudi embassy.
They need to take approval from MOFA Saudi Arabia.
After getting MOFA approval you representative person had to collect the document from MOFA.

Next they need to submit the documents and MOFA approval in police station.

Max it will take two weeks to collect the certificate from the police station.

Last and important

Also check – Police Clearance Certificate Qatar 

How many days this Saudi Arabia police clearance certificate is valid?

Max 60 days before you have to take from leaving Saudi Arabia.
This certificate is shows that no crime records in Saudi Arabia. So better to take before 60 days of leaving from Saudi Arabia.

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