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Plumber Interview Questions and Answers

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers: In this article, we are going to provide some of the important and frequently asked Plumber Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced candidates. Plumber Interview Questions and Answers pdf file download Below.

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers PDF
Plumber Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers List

Q) Before creating a plumbing system, what is your look on the first thing?

A) The first thing I look blueprint. It helps the type and size of the pipes that I use in design of plumbing system.

Q) Explain at least one downside of a conventional water heater, Any replacement suggestions?

A) It is in own league of water heating system, The energy consumed constantly is a downside to using one. If clients ask for saving energy, I will tell them a tank-less water heater that uses energy only when there is a hot water requirement.

Q) Do you know the reason behind hard water considering bad?

A) Yes, Hard water-damaged building, Skin, and also clothes. Hard water has high corrosive powers, which create skin problems, High consumption of soap, Pipe Scaling, and worsening of fixtures.

Q) Do you install a shower with many showerheads? Then how to keep the pressure of the water?

A) I installed showers with multiple showerheads. This issue with a pressure pump that can feed to various showers based on its size and gauge.

Q) For piping PVC, ABS, or Copper, which you prefer?

A) Compare to ABS and Copper, PVC is a good choice. Because copper leads to rust issues, PVC helps to heat up and takes time to install in opposite to plastic piping which happens simple installation, and also it is rustproof.

Q) How can you figure out a low-pressure issue?

A) I start addressing by noticing leaks after checking the pipe sizes, which should be minimum wide if there is a pressure issue.

Q) Do you carry your Plumbing Kit?

A) Yes, For essential tools, I carry all my Plumbing equipment.

Q) Do you know the main reason for the failure of the Sump Pump?


  • Sump pump is used in the area basement to avoid the assembled water during a flood.
  • There are also many problems for its sudden stop of working.
  • Problem switching, Gathering of high debris, involving with the switching.
  • The pump can move the basin’s inner side, which may involve the switching process.

Q) Can we fix a leaky Pvc water pipe?


  • Water draining and leaking of pipe dry Now take the same size of the pipe which is leaking.
  • Make the coupling in half, The half which is you going to use should have a stop on the inner side, as you have to slide the leaking pipe into it.
  • Plastering the inner side of the patch with gluey, You should apply sufficient gluey on your patch, the portion which is going to connect with the pipe which is leaked.
  • Placing the patch on the pipe, move into the area and place it in a dry area at least overnight.

Q) How to reduce the plumbing maintenance of the bathroom?


  • By using the following steps we can avoid bathroom plumbing maintenance:
  • Weekly once clearing out the drainage pipes with hot water
  • To avoid clogs and keep soap scum creating up, Once a month, we should apply a pipe shield to drain lines.
  • To avoid future damages to the issues and repair the leaking valve.
  • To catch hair and unwanted waste in bathrooms, Tubs and showers should be fixed with strainers.
  • To prevent mineral stuff in your shower head, take a cup of vinegar from your kitchen put that in a plastic bag and keep it on the showerhead and leave it for one whole night.

Q) Do you know about Eductor?

A) It is a device that is helpful to the throat and nozzle, fixed in the water stream to create air into the stream.

Q) How do you connect sump pump outflow to septic?

A) To build or connect any groundwater or rainwater to a sewer is considered illegal. If, you linkage at the least places a trap in the line to allow sewer gas out of the area.

Q) Do you know about drain unclog?

A) If the problem arises, the initial step is to pass hot water from the pipes, with the pipe snaking method’s help. If this method didn’t work, we could follow manual methods, or in some conditions, we need to drag or replace complete piping or a section.

Q) Do you have an idea about Pipe Dopes?

A) Pipes dopes are helpful to create water-tight seals at joints.

Q) how to solve the unclog any blockages in Pipes?

A) To clear unclog any blockages in pipes by pouring hot water through the pipes. Still, the blockage remains, then you should follow other methods to unclog the blockage.

Q) Do you know about Building Drain?

A) The last point in a drainage system and the inner drainage pipe meet and are transported into the sewer is known as Building Drain.

Q) What are the standard tools which are used for Plumbing?


  1. Tubing cutter
  2. Adjustable pipe wrench
  3. faucet valve seat wrench and Reseating tool
  4. Teflon Tape
  5. Sink and Closet Auger
  6. Flange Plunger and Cup Plunger
  7. Faucet Washer and Packing

Q) List out few skills which plumber should have?


  • Solving an issue
  • Critical thinking
  • Good listener
  • Paying attention while explaining any guidelines
  • Good coordination
  • Knowledge of Pipefitting

Q) List out the tools which are required to unclog a sink?


  • Sink Auger
  • Channeled type pliers
  • Washcloth or Duct tape
  • Cup PLunger
  • Tub

Q) Explain different types of Chemical drains?


Caustic Drain Cleaners: This chemical drain contains caustic potash, which is the base and gives electrons to clogging stuff. This will helps a lot of heat and dilutes the clogging stuff, and also unclog the blockage.

Oxidizing Drain Cleaners: The oxidizing drain contains substances like nitrates, peroxides, and bleach. These substances cause the organic chemical of the clog, which loses an electron and finally becomes oxidized. Oxidizing drain cleaners generate heat and gas, which helps to clear the clogging.

Acid Drain Cleaners: Acid Drain cleaners contain a high concentration of acid and Hydronium ions, which are available in acid, react with clogging stuff, and produce heat. The released heat will be dissolved the chemical and clears the clogging.

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Plumber Interview Questions and Answers

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