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Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers PDF
Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers: In this article, we are going to provide some of the important and frequently asked Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced candidates. Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers pdf file download Below.

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers List

Q) Any experience in Residential or industrial work as a Carpenter?
A) I work as a carpenter for many industries. I have complete knowledge of Residential buildings of both rough and finished work.

Q) What is the BOF Abbreviation indicates?
A) On Blueprint, BOF means Bottom of a footing. This tells about the baseplate of the Footing interface. Generally, BOF shows how footing will be attached to the baseplate and also if any required extra reinforcements.

Q) How blueprints work for a Carpenter?
A)  I definitely use Blueprint on my daily basis of work. Blueprints provide dimensions, project drawings details.

Q) On which back of rib reinforcement strip having saw?

A) Tenon Saw is having a reinforcement strip on its back.

Q) In the following, which part of the chisel is placed inner side of the ferrule?

a) Handle

b) Blade

c) tang

d) ferrule

A) Tang

Q) Which of the following chisel should never be used with a mallet?

a) Firmer chisel

b) Paring Chisel

c) Gauge chisel

d) Mortise chisel

A) Paring Chisel

Q) Which of the following metal is helpful to make the chisel blade?

a) Steel

b) High carbon steel

c) Carbon steel

d) Forged steel

A) Forged steel metal

Q)  procedure for installing a window?
A) There are various steps in installing the window.
Step -1: The first step is to make sure that the frame is straight and level.
Step -2: Surrounding with waterproof material around the frame.
Step -3: By using shims, I will place the window into the frame and square it up as best.
Step -4: I pin the window into the frame, make sure that it is plum to proceed.
Step -5: At last, I will test the window to ensure that performs accurately.
Step -6: To make the finishing work look best, we will trim it.

Q) While building stairs, what factors you need to follow?
A)  need to calculate how many steps are needed on the basis of each step and tread length.

Q) Which of the following tool is used to check and transfer on the job?
a) Try square
b) Bevel square
c) Divider
d) Miter square

A) Bevel square

Q) In the following board, which country wood of strip of different figures ranges from 18-38 mm in thickness?
a) Hardboard
b) Chipboard
c) plyboard
d) blackboard

A) Blackboard

Q) In the housing joint, what is the depth of the trench?
A) 1/3 rd thickness depth

Q) What is the portable machine tool is efficient for cutting the wood, leather, Plastics, chard board, Veneer?
A) Portable electric jig saw

Q) What is material is useful to make the wing compass legs?
A) Steel Material

Q) Which Caliper is considered for measurement of the slot width?
a) Jenney Caliper
b) Outside caliper
c) Inside Caliper
d) Odd caliper

A) Inside caliper

Q) Which of the following caliper is useful for setting if the quick?
a) Spring joint caliper
b) jenny caliper
c) firm joint caliper
d) lap joint caliper

A) Spring joint caliper

Q) In the following pattern which is prose’s making?
a) Sand Making
b) Mould making
c) Pattern Making
d) Core Making

A) Pattern Making

Q) Choose one of the following gauges that have the biggest stem and bigger stock?
a) Mortise gauge
b) Marking gauge
c) Panel gauge
d) Circular Gauge

A) Panel Guage

Q) Tell me one statement in the following options, which is a disadvantage of a wooden pattern?
a) The workmanship cost is more when compared with other materials
b) Reuse and repair
c) very cheap and availabilities
d) Simply shaped into various forms of designs.

A) The workmanship cost is more when compared with other materials

Q) What is the length of the joint of the tenon and mortise blind tenon?
A) The length of the joint of the tenon and mortise blind tenon 2/3 rd Mortise piece.

Q) Which direction has feed roll moves of thickness planer for planning stock?
a) Up direction
b) Down Direction
c) Backward direction
d) Forward

A) Forward direction

Q) From which chisel we used for cutting rough materials simply for turning on lath woodturning?
a) Skew Chisel
b) Mortise chisel
c) firmer chisel
d) Gauge chisel

A) Gauge chisel is used for cutting rough surfaces quickly.

Q) In which of the following vice is used for saw sharpening?
a) Carpenter vice
b) Bar clamp
c) Saw vice
d) C – Clamp

A) Saw vice

Q) In the following layers, which one is considered as “CORE” in plywood?
a) Middle layer
b) Side layer
c) Bottom layer
d) Top layer

A) Middle layer

Q) Which of the following measurement rule have the last piece of sliding or stop?
a) Foot rule
b) Measurement tape
c) Steel rule
d) Collapsible rule

A) Measurement tape

Q) Tell me one statement which is not an advantage of plywood?
A) It is easy warping and also shrinks.

Q) In which the following list, saw suits for cutting the curve?
a) Compass saw
b) Crosscut saw
c) Tenon saw
d) Rip saw

A) Compass saw

Q) Which of the following sawing operation is not related to the machine of circular saw?
a) Cross cutting
b) Rip saw
c) Mould cutting
d) Miter cutting

A) Mould cutting

Q) Select the tool which we used to test the big surface of the straightness?
a) Foot rule
b) Steel rule
c) Try square
d) Straight edge

A) Straight edge

Q) Which type of sander that shaft moves down and ups through the table which is slotted?
A) Spindle sander is used for shaft moves.

Q) In below following options, which saw can hold 3 different types of blade sizes for various uses?
a) Key hole saw
b) Frets saw
c) Nest saw
d) Compass saw

A) Nest saw

Q) Which of the following seasoning the timber which is stacked chamber inner side and reducing the hot air force and also moisture?
a) Kiln seasoning
b) Water seasoning
c) Chemical seasoning
d) Air seasoning

A) Kiln seasoning

Q) Which file is helpful and frequently used for softening the rough surface area?
a) Triangular file
b) Double cut file
C) Single cut file
d) Raps file

A) Raps file

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers PDF download

Carpenter Interview Questions and Answers pdf


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