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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Cabin crew interview questions and answers 

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers PDF download here. we will attach the pdf file below. click the link to download PDF file. Check the list of Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers
Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20 Cabin Crew Interview Questions With Answers

1) What is Air Turbulence?


Air turbulence is a minor jerk that is felt in the aircraft while flying. It is usually not dangerous. It is considered a normal part of the flying experience. Air turbulence occurs when air moves at a fixed speed collide with a mass of air moving at a different speed. This air movement is generally formed as a result of jet streams, thunderstorms and air that is present around the mountains. 


2)What should you do if your luggage is lost while flying?


When a  person is flying with an airline, their luggage is primarily considered to be the airline‘s responsibility. If the luggage gets damaged, delayed or lost due to any reason, that person should get compensated by the airline as per the rules. 


3)What do you mean by Jet Lag?


Jet lag is defined as the time zone change syndrome. When people travel through planes spanning different directions and changing time zones, they will feel Jet lag. This condition is characterised by the body clock or biological clock getting disturbed. Jet lag will lead to alterations in daily activities like sleeping, eating, body temperature. It may also cause drowsiness and tiredness. 


4)What should you do if you lose your passport while travelling overseas?


While travelling overseas, if the passport is lost, what you should do is:

  • Always carry citizenship proofs with you. Make 2 photocopies of each of the passport and birth certificates. Take one with you while travelling. The other one should be given to someone who can fax the documents to you in an emergency when the need arises. 
  • Keep a note of your country’s embassy number. 
  • Always keep handy a plan or map guide that will enable reaching your country’s embassy quickly and without getting lost. 
  • Check what are the acceptable forms of primary identification and proof of citizenship that are required in that country. 


5)While flying, what should you do in emergency conditions?


  • Keep a note of where the nearest emergency exit door is. 
  • When oxygen levels drop inside the aircraft due to turbulence, an oxygen mask pops out from the cabinet. Put it on. It will help you to breathe till the oxygen levels become normal. 
  • Fasten your seat belt. Lower down to your knees. Do not remove the seat belt till instructed. 


6)What are the things that you can’t carry while flying?


Some of the things which can’t be carried while travelling are:

  • Blunt or sharp objects which can cause injuries
  • Harmful chemicals like toxic gas or acids 
  • Explosive substances 
  • Guns or firearms
  • Electronic devices except for laptops and phones.


7)What is meant by ditching?


The process of emergency landing is also known as ditching. It is different from a normal landing.  Emergency landing usually takes place on the water surface.


8)How long can the oxygen last for passengers in an emergency inside the aircraft?


In an emergency, from the time the oxygen masks drop down, approximately 15 minutes of oxygen time is available for use by the passenger. This time is considered to be more than enough for the pilot to take the aircraft to the lower altitude where the oxygen levels become normal. 


9)What is Aqua-planing?


Aquaplaning refers to the condition where standing water, snow or slush creates a layer on the ground. This makes the moving wheel of an aircraft lost contact with the aircraft. This condition occurs when the braking action on the wheel fails. The friction between the wheels and the ground gets reduced. 


10)Why Pilot hit the ground hard during bad weather?


During bad weather, a pilot hits the ground hard knowingly while landing. It does not mean that they lack the skill for landing. They land hard to avoid the accident which may occur due to the slippery surface. The surface may become slippery when there is an excess layer of water which may be due to conditions like rain. To puncture that surface,  they hit the surface hard and manage to land safely.


11)Explain what Clear Ice is?


The solid precipitate which forms on the aircraft is known as clear ice. This occurs when the air temperature is between 0 degree C and -3 degree C. This condition may cause the formation of water ice on the surface of the aircraft. With clear ice forms on the aircraft, it will be at risk of stalling leading to an air crash. 


12)Explain what you mean by stalling an aircraft?


When the wing of the aircraft cannot produce or maintain enough lift which is required to support the weight of the aeroplane, then the aeroplane stalls. The angle at which this phenomenon occurs is known as the critical angle of attack. Stalling of aircraft can occur at any speed and any stage of the flight. 


13) What are things that should be to be taken into consideration if your seat is near an Emergency Exit?


  • Learn the opening mechanism of emergency exit
  • Listen to the instruction that is given before the flight starts for operating the emergency exit
  • See whether opening the emergency exit will increase the risks which may endanger the life of the passengers. Follow the directions and hand signals given by the cabin crew. 
  • Check the emergency exit windows so that it does not obstruct when the need arises. 


14)Explain what steps can be taken by the passengers to ensure safety?


To ensure safety passengers can do the following things

  • Pay attention to the Flight Attendant when instructions are being given. 
  • Even if you have heard it several times, heard it again when the announcement is being made. 
  • Use the safety data card which will be in the seat pocket in front of you to clarify any doubts regarding safety instructions. 
  • Count and Keep in mind the number of rows between your seat and closest exit. This is useful in situations like fire or smoke. 
  • Keep your seat belt fastened till the seat belt off sign flashes. 
  • It is worthwhile to purchase a separate seat for an infant or child while travelling to avoid discomfort mainly for long-duration flights. 
  • Stretch your arms and muscles on long flights to avoid cramps. 


15)What are the causes of the strange sounds you hear before take-off and landing?


The drilling sound that is heard during landing and take-off is caused by the movement of the flaps and slats being extended on the wings. A screw mechanism drives these panels. This is what causes the sound. This is useful during flying at low speeds as it increases the area and curvature of the wing when extended. 


16)Is it possible to open the flight door when the aircraft is at a high altitude?


The pressure inside the aircraft is maintained at high altitudes to ensure passenger comfort and to facilitate normal breathing. As the altitude increases, such as around 30,000 feet, the air pressure inside the plane is much higher than the pressure outside. This difference in the pressures will not allow the door to open.

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17)What are the measures taken to save the aircraft from being struck by lightning?


The main component that is used in an aircraft to save the plane from lighting is known as ‘ Static Wick’. This device helps in dispersing the static build-up in the air. It decreases the intensity of a lightning strike. It is also responsible for deviating the path of lightning and prevents it from spreading throughout the air-plane.


18)What medical supplies are you not allowed to carry with you on air-craft?


Some of the medical supplies that are not allowed on the aircraft are:


  • Hand Cleaner
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Chemical cold Packs
  • Antibiotics Ointment
  • Insect Bite Swabs


19)What are some medical aids you can carry with permission from security personnel?


  • Glucose gels or liquids such as juice for diabetic passengers
  • Diabetic supplies like Syringes, Lancets and glucometers 
  • Prescription Medications and infusion Pumps
  • Nitro-glycerine Spray
  • Less than 4oz of essential non-prescription gel or medications in liquid form. 
  • Liquid prescription medication carrying the passenger’s name


20)What are things you should not do while flying?


  • Refuse to buckle your seat belt when the seat belt sign flashes 
  • Get into a scuffle with the cabin crew or other passengers 
  • Ignore the request to turn off electronic devices while landing and taking off
  • Drinking  excessive amounts of alcohol 

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download Here

Cabin crew interview questions and answers pdf file Download


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