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Serco Dubai Metro Jobs and Careers

Serco Dubai Metro Careers

Dubai Metro Jobs vacancies can be a dream for any job aspirant These Dubai Jobs are also renowned because of their paycheck package containing other advantages. Serco Group plc is a British pot with headquarters in Hook, Hampshire. Serco makes the maturity of its capitalist as a government contractor, especially in the fields of law and order, health, transportation, justice, immigration, defence, and civil services. Serco’s main business is in the United Kingdom, although it also has conditioning in continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia- Pacific(involving Australia), and North America. Serco administers over 500 contracts universally and employs over, workers.

How to Apply For Serco Dubai Metro Jobs Vacancies?

Even so, if you’re interested to apply for any of the jobs above, besides it’s veritably simple, If you have decided to apply for Dubai Metro jobs to revise your life. Precisely relate to the “ View & Apply ” actuator given away in front of each Job. Once you communed it’ll take you to the main runner of the below company’s website. There, you’ll detect the full details of the reputed job.


We’d largely recommend you qualify your CV as per the company’s profile or as per the job depiction. By this, your chances of getting jobs in Dubai or Qatar will automatically be swelled.

Serco Dubai Metro Jobs

1. Transition Manager
2. Experience Design Lead (KSA)
3. Asset & Facility Management Consultant
4. Head of Space – KSA
5. Piling & Earth Works Safety Eng SME – STCA
6. Renewable Energy Safety SME – STCA
7. Chief Fire Officer
8. Alarm Room Operator – KSA National
9. Crew Manager
10. Watch Manager Training
11. Watch Manager
12. Director of ESG Advisory
13. Sign Writer – Assistant Technician
14. HVAC Technician – Facility Maintenance
15. Air Traffic Services (ATS) Safety Investigator
16. Head of Quality and Safety – Transport 1
17. Locksmith/Key Cutter
18. Contract Specialist
19. Security Guard
20. Experience Design Consultant – Freelance Talent Pool
21. Experience Design Lead (Talent Pool)
22. Asst Techn FM Civil & Furnit/Mason
23. Assistant Technician Power Distribution – Medium Voltage (MV)
24. ATSEP – Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel – DWC
25. Strategy & Performance Specialist (UAE National)

About Serco


Since its origins, Serco has been a  colonist in the quittance of overcritical brace services. We’ve been operating in the Middle East since 1947 and have a profound understanding of the region; delivering public services to guests on behalf of governments, Semi-governments and voluminous private corporations.


Our civilization is grounded on a set of four valuations- Trust, Care, Innovation, and honors- that shape our behavior’s and hence the expressway the company behaves. They insure we’re all working out from a  usually understood base that can be constantly applied across our organization.


Our valuations need to be lived every day,  exercised to support our work through any expostulations we may face and supported by our honour and celebrating our accomplishments. They guide us in our dealings with associates,  clients, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve.

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