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Amentum Careers  and Jobs

Amentum Careers  and Jobs

The word Amentum is deduced from a Greek word exercised to describe the leather device that was attached to a  shaft to boost its range and stability in flight. The device allowed the shaft to land on prey with perfection.

Also, the name sounds like instigation, which connotes our forward-listing path and invention-driven future in a brace of our guests ’  operations. The new name Amentum serves as a  lamp for participating in our uninterrupted story of success, experience, and our people’s adaptability and fidelity to the charge.

Amentum is a premier global technology and engineering services mate supporting overcritical programs of public significance across defence,  screen, intelligence,  dynamism, and the terrain. We draw from a century-old rubric of functional distinction,  charge seat, and prosperous prosecution sustained by a strong cultivation of security and ethics. Headquartered in the nation they pay further than people in 48 states and 28 foreign nations and homes.


1. Custodial escort
2. Electrical inspector
3. Drafting intern
4. Law Clark I
5. Law Clark II
6. Security duty officer TYD
7. Custodial service assistant
8. Counterintelligence(CI) specialist/officer- senior
9. Counterintelligence(CI) Analyst -senior
10. Counterintelligence(CI) Specialist /officer- mid
11. Technit analyst – senior
12. Aircraft worker
13. Aircraft mechanic
14. Maintenance Supervisor
15. Motor vehicle mechanic

How to Apply for Amentum Careers?

Once you have set up a job vacancy that suits your career plan, it’s time to apply. Make sure your CV/ resume is updated, professional, and deposited to vend your chops,  puissance and accomplishments and make you sit out from the other campaigners. Please apply for Amentum jobs from the below list. You’ll divert to the authorized Amentum careers point.

Amentum Careers

You’ve served your country well, and now it’s time to set your unusual experience and discipline to work in a new career. As one of the world’s premier government and private-region mates, they admire and value your devotion to their participated valuations security,  veracity, and fidelity to the charge.

As they remove bravely into the future, they’re growing their platoon with tone-starters who are invariably appearing for new openings to grow their careers and serve their guests. People who grasp hard-bitten work, partake in their gut valuations and make every day count.


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