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How to Get a Driving License in Saudi Arabia

How to get a Driving License in Saudi Arabia?

Initially, we have to know some important steps i.e., How to get a driving license in Saudi Arabia and what are the documents and requirements to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia. So, lets get into the topic Check Driving license Online and Driving license Renewal details below.

How to Get a Driving License in Saudi Arabia

What are the requirements to Apply for a Saudi Driving License?

Copies of your IQAMA, Visa and Passport.
Medical Test should be done
Age should be minimum 18years
4 Passport photographs of the candidate
Candidate must carry translated another country driving license with them.
Carry Duly filled form

Saudi Arabia Driving license online Renewal and Renewal Fees

Now, let’s know about Driving license fees Saudi Arabia. The fee payment of Saudi Arabia driving license is total SR 940 which is validity for 10 years. We have provided clear figured, look at below so that you can easily understand the payment details.

SR 80 for two years.
SR 200 for Five years.
SR 400 for ten years.

For computer test fee SR 100.
Dallah driving school fee SR 420 (Get a token from nearest Dallah driving school).
Saudi Arabia driving license application form SR 20.

Check first trial for Saudi Arabia driving license

Carry your Manual car
Candidate should know Arabic, to communicate with your instructor.

After first trail, candidates should initially Deposit SR 100 fee for Computer Test fees for Saudi Arabia driving license and take the final test.

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