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MIS Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Important MIS Interview Questions and Answers

MIS Executive Interview Questions and Answers: In this article, we are going to provide some of the important and frequently asked MIS Executive Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced candidates.

MIS Interview Questions and Answers

Q) What do you know about MIS Executive?
A) MIS is known as Management Information Systems, Based on Telecom Management Information Systems Executive person should check carefully about comolete retail outlet bar charts, Progress, Graphs preparation and complete understanding of financial charts.

Q) What is the use of MIS?
A) The main usage of an MIS is to handle strategic, tactical, and various operations. MIS also offers company assets updates and also helps Finance, Marketing, R&D, etc. MIS is one of the major aspects of today’s business world.

Q) Tell me the different types of MIS?
A) There are various types of MIS there are:
Predictive Information System: This MIS Type helps in decision making, we used the Predictive Information System for forwardness and predictions.
Databank Information System: PIS form helps in storing purpose, observing data, and classifying data type which helps in decision making in data driving.
Decision Support System: This MIS Form type helps to analyze, and to produce informative reports it synthesizes the data.

Q) Explain the MIS Core principle?
A) The main theme of MIS Core is to ease decision making by providing updates and exact information to clients who are waiting. MIS also helps in the following principles:
I) Providing the right facts
II) Handling with an operating process
III) Organization audit preparation
IV) Establishing exact reports.

Q) Tell me the information levels of MIS Requirements?
A) There are four levels of MIS Information requirements such as:
Organization Level
Application Level
Technical Level
Database Level

Q) Explain the levels of MIS decision making?
A) To develop their decision making techniques, Managers use MIS. It helps various levels of managers in taking different decisions at different levels. MIS systems support the following decision making levels.

  • Senior Management level
  • Technical level
  • Strategic Management level
  • Individual employees level
  • Middle Management level
  • Project teams level
  • Operations management level

Q) Tell me the MIS Decision making elements?
A) There are three MIS Decision making elements such as:

  1. Model
  2. Constraint
  3. Optimization

Q) What are the advantages of MIS in a business field?
A) Following are the advantages of MIS in a business field:

  • For all the stakeholders, single database access is available.
  • Operational work time saving for managers, so that they can use their remaining time in productive works.
  • Increase the data power and used to help in decision making
  • Dealing with Accuracy high degree
  • Reduction of paperwork.
  • Simple Digesting reports
  • Updating the present financial status of the organization to business heads.

Q) Tell me the various methods used in MIS Designing?
A) Following are the various methods used in MIS Designing:

  • Organization Chart Method
  • Collection of data method
  • Top down method
  • Database Method
  • Later integration Method

Q) Explain the steps to protect the worksheet from anyone editing the data ?
A) We can protect editing the data by anyone in two ways:
i) We can keep password protection for the worksheet so that no one can edit the data. People who have passwords only they can access the sheet.
Menu bar -> Review -> Protect Sheet -> Password.

ii) Range locking. Choose the range which you want to lock, Righ click. From the drop menu select Format cells, now go to the Protection bar. Here select the Locked option, finally press on OK button.

Q) Explain, How to prevent users from entering unwanted data with the help of a drop down list?
A) Using Data validation, we can create a drop down list.

  • Initially create a list that you want to use drop down list.
  • Go to Menu Bar
  • Now select Data
  • Here Data validation
  • In the drop down click on “Data Validation”, in the settings choose the “Allow” option.
  • Now source area will pop up.
  • Hit on the “Source Area”, now choose the data list which you created at the initial stage, finally click on the “OK” button.

Management Information system interview questions and answers

Q) Can we make a pivot table by using data from various sources?
A) Yes, we can make a pivot table from various worksheets whenever it is located in the same workbook.

Q) Is it possible to freeze rows and columns at the same time?
A) Click on the CELL, freeze the columns and rows.
In the Menu bar, click on VIEW
Now select Freeze Panes, Choose the first option Freeze Panes.

Q) Tell me the steps to prepare MIS Report in Excel?
i) Select raw data from various departments.
ii) Pairup data in Excel
iii) Now link up your data to the MIS template with the help of Hlookup, Vlookup, Sumif, Index, charts, etc formulas.
iv) Select any #Values or #N/A.

Q) Do you know about VLookup?
A) VLOOKUP is also refer as Excel function, In excel table VLOOKUP helps to access and data retrives from a partuclar column. It helps to support and approximate accurate matching.
VLOOKUP, Here V means vertical and lookup values appear in tables initial column.

Syntax of VLOOKUP:

Q) Explain Condition?
A) Condition is a expression which states the values whether it is True or false. Condition expression states the value which is entered in cell is in number form or text form, given value is >, = or < and any specified value etc.

Syntax of Condition?
=IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])
=OR(logical1, [logical2], …)

Q) Explain Technology Manager?
A) Techchnology manageement is also referred as design, optimization, operation and processes and a best definition which would be the fucntioning of usage of technology for adavantage of humans.

Q) What is the use of Ubiq?
A) Ubiq is consider as a reporting tool of MIS. Ubiq tool is easy to use, we can easily form reports from different MIS in the company. By using Management Information Systems we can access custom reports with the web browser and secretely share them with people. In company, Easily we can create the summary and reports information from various levels and departments. All the managers and company excutors can check their company and staff through Management Information Systems reporting and develops a quick business procedure.

Q) Explain Databank Information Systems?
A) DIS is known as establishing of database by categorizing and data storing, which helps to decion making. Data bank information provides very suggestive. Management Information Systems designs and builds on the basis of DIS, This helps for unstructured decisions.

MIS Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

MIS Interview Questions and Answers PDF download

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