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How to Check Airtel Balance and Validity | Airtel Net Balance

How to Check Airtel Balance & Validity

The Airtel organization is a global telecommunication services company. Airtel provides Prepaid, Post Paid, Data Services, DTH services in our country. We can recharge our registered Airtel number without visiting the recharge shop, In this post, we have listed out some of the simplest methods to know how to recharge, Check Airtel Balance, Data plans, and other services without visiting the Airtel Store. We have provided Step by step guidelines for our viewers to make their work easier. Follow the below steps to check Airtel Balance and Validity date.

How to Check Airtel Balance and Validity

How can I check my Airtel Mobile Balance?

We are here to help you out by explaining the simplest methods to check the balance on your Airtel Mobile Number. So, let’s look at the various methods to check Airtel Balance on your Registered Airtel Mobile Number with no delay. Not only Balance checking, including Mobile data plans, SMS, Caller tunes, and many more services, are available through these steps. Using your fingertips, you can track all the services without reaching customer care and Airtel Store.

Method – 1: How to Check Airtel Balance in Airtel Thanks App

Step – 1: This is the easiest way to check the balance on your Airtel number; you can find the Airtel app in the Google play store, download it.

Step – 2: Install it on your device.

Step – 3: Now, open the Airtel Thanks app and create an account with your number.

Step – 4: Now search and select the “Services” field, which is located at the bottom left on the screen.

Step – 5: Finally, you can see the details of your current recharge, SMS Balance, Data Usage, Plans, and many more services.

How to Check Airtel data Balance and Validity

Method – 2: How to Check Airtel Prepaid Data Balance by using USSD Code

Airtel Telco provides various USSD Codes for various services. Below we have provided a complete list of Airtel USSD Codes and their purposes.

Dial *123# USSD Code is to check Airtel Main Balance; You need to Dial *123# USSD code within a few seconds, you will get your balance details.

*123*10# USSD Code is to check the Airtel Net balance, Dial *123*10# to check the Airtel Data plan, this code is only for AIretl Prepaid Customers.

*121# USSD Code Helps you to know the various offers on your account.

Dial *141# USSD Code helps you get instant loan balance talk time whenever your Main balance is over. Airtel Prepaid customers can use this code.

Dial *121# for Airtel Internet Balance

*123*9# Dial this Code to check the Internet balance of 2G Customers.

How to Check Airtel net Balance and Validity


Method – 3: How to Check Airtel Data balance on Airtel Postpaid

Dial *121# to check Airtel postpaid data balance and Validity or You can also visit the Airtel Thanks app for more details.

Method – 4: How to check Data, SMS, Validity and Recharge via Customer Care

Airtel Telco Services provides the following codes, To help all their customers and to resolve their issues efficiently. You can check Airtel Daily Balance, SMS, Talktime, and more by connecting with Airtel Customer Care.

Dial 121 is an Airtel Customer Support Number. It helps to get the support and help to resolve your issue.

Dial 198 for any complaints

Dial 1909 for DND service activation purpose.

Dial 123 to Recharge your Number.


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