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How to face walkin interview for gulf jobs

How to face interview for gulf jobs:

How to face interview: First of all, this is imperative to know what this ‘Walk in Interview’ actually is. Generally, the competitive examinations are held in 3 stages. Initially there will be first round, generally more than one option of questions is required to be given. In the second phase, generally long and short questions are required to be answered. After qualifying in both these examinations, the candidates are called for final interview round.

Some examinations have a single written test after which the interviews are conducted. In these examinations, after the fixing up of a scheduled duration of the examination to be held, date of interview to be conducted is notified to the candidates from before.

Apart from these, there are some such examinations which are based solely on interview. Walk interview to a maximum extent is exactly like this. No advance information is given for this. Any candidate deserving for the job can appear in the ‘Walk in Interview’. The saying for the ‘Walking in Interview’ goes similar to the saying of Come First, Get First.

how to face interview

 Preparing for the ‘Walk in Interview jobs:

  1. Like you, everybody else has the wrench of scurry to get a job quickly. The number of candidates abounds many times over particularly when the job is better. This makes the competition tougher. The panel of the board has no any clues to your abilities as you haven’t been tested on the basis of any examination conducted earlier on. Only the interview is the only course left in which you can leave an imprint of your abilities. You should take care of the following factors into accounts before appearing for a Walk in Interview jobs.
  2. After knowing of the walk in interview, gather all the possible information pertaining to that company through, news papers, internet and other mediums. A good company has its website on the internet containing all the essential information.
  3. If you have a laptop or else can borrow it from some friend, you can prepare a powerpoint presentation of your qualifications on it. You can prepare both your educational and professional qualifications on it. If it is prepare from before, just update it.
  4. Pinup all the testimonials connected with your educational and professional in a file in a serial order. The file should be in a ship sap condition, clean which opens up and closes easily. Keep at least two copies of the attested copies of your certificates with you arrange in serially.
  5. With you should accompany the at least 2 copies of your updated resume, 2 ball point pens (one black and one blue), report relating to research done on the projects, and the certificates of experiences obtained in the area,
    Rehearse on the mock interview in front of a mirror or in the presence of relatives/friends. Prepare a list of the likely questions to be asked in the interview.
  6. The dress to be worn in the interview should also be readied up from before. The dress must be sober.
    Don’t forget saying thank you to the interviewing panel on the conclusion of the interview the way you greet them in the beginning of the interview.


how to face interview

Some Important tips to Follow:

  • Documents to take along with you
  • Gestures and other things to note

Your behavior during the interview time will be well noted by the interviewer. So do not give any chance for a bad impression. The followings points are to be noted :

  • Switch off your mobile phone before entering the interview room or hall.
  • Behave properly while waiting outside for your name to be called.
  • Try to mingle with other candidates in a proper and polite way. This reduces tension.
  • Before entering the room, knock the door and get permission to get in.
  • Enter the room with a sweet short smile on your face. Don’t give the interviewer an angry, tensed or disappointed face.
  • Greet the interviewer and give him/her a handshake.
  • Once they ask you to take your seat, never say ‘No thanks’.
  • You should sit properly with your back straight, chin up and hands on your lap.
  • Do not lean on the table.
  • Use good language with proper accent.
  • Speak out loud as it shows confidence.
  • Try not to give a ‘No’ answer to the interviewer.
  • Avoid thinking too much before giving an answer. Be spontaneous and act fast.
  • Ask at least two or three relevant questions to the interviewer.
  • Make sure you take back all your original certificates and documents back while leaving the interview room.
  • Before leaving the room, you should say Thank you Sir/Ma’am

Please Note:

After asking the questions, the interviewer will say, “I will contact you”. By then the interviewer might have assessed you well. This doesn’t mean that you are selected or your application is rejected. He needs sometime time to assess all other candidates and to take a decision on whom to select. What you have to do is wait for his call, if he did not call you after a week or so, you can just call the company directly and ask casually whether the post is filled or not. Whatever be the answer, do not keep calling again. That gives a bad impression and shows that you are desperately in need of a job. When they come to know that you are badly in need of a job, they tend to cut down on your package and other facilities, for they know you will take up the job even though they pay you less.



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