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Nursing Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Nursing interview questions and answers 

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers are given. Download the pdf file for More interview question and Answers. Nursing Interview Questions and Answers pdf file attached in below.

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download
Nursing Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download

Nursing interview questions and answers List


Question 1. How will you handle pressure in the hospital?

Answer :

★ I think that I can work better under pressure situations. A challenging environment brings out the best in me.

★ I can manage to release the pent up stress by visiting the gym every evening. 

★ Because of my prior work experience, I have a clear idea of what needs to be done when. This strategy has helped me effectively manage work pressure.

★ If my coworkers contribute to my stress levels, I discuss with them how to handle difficult situations.

★ When I’m under the pressure of a deadline, I will complete it with efficiency by regulating work at definite intervals.

★ When I’m under pressure, I focus and get the job done.


Question 2. Can you state some examples of Teamwork In Nursing?


Answer :

I was an integral part of a team that was responsible for evaluating and selecting a new vendor for our office equipment and supplies. This team reviewed all the options. After comparing pricing and service, an appropriate vendor was selected. After getting the required approvals, the transition to the new vendor was completed. 



Question 3. If you find out that your supervisor is 100% Wrong About Something How Would You Handle It?


Answer :

My reaction would depend on the situation, the personality of the supervisor and my equation with them. 


Question 4. How Do You Determine Success In Nursing?


Answer :

In a large corporate setup, the success would depend on the profits generated. In a non-profit organisation, I measure success not in money but terms of social impact.


Question 5. What kind Of Work Environment Do do You Prefer to have while working?


Answer :

I am extremely flexible when it comes to adjusting to my work environment in nursing.


Question 6. What is your preferred style of working- Independently Or On A Team In the Nursing Field?


Answer :

I am equally comfortable working independently and as a member of the team, I am assigned to. While applying to this organisation, I found that your mission statement and the job description were similar to my previous position. I was a part of some assignments that required a great deal of independent work. I was fortunate to be a part of the team effort that was most effective at working together. 


Question 7. If The People who were your colleagues were Asked Why You Should Be Hired As A Nurse, What Would They Say?


Answer :

I presume that if you asked my colleagues that question,  they would say you should hire me. This is because I have the skills outlined in the job description. I also have 10+ years of expertise in this position. Some of the attributes I think will be used to describe me are

 ★ Hard-working

★ Professional

★ A trustworthy team player.



Question 8. Why Did You Choose to study Nursing?


Answer :

I was drawn to compassion and care from a very young age. By studying nursing, I would be able to take care of people who are suffering and make their life easier. 


Question 9. Would You be Known as a Nurse?


Answer :

I would like to be respected as a nurse. I would like to be known for my competence and productivity. I would like to be considered for the extremely professional nature of my relationship with my colleagues.


Question 10. What Strategies Would you employ to effectively Motivate Your Team As A Nurse?


Answer :

My interpersonal style is to motivate others, especially when I was the supervising staff. My strategy of managing projects or leading teams of co-workers is to constantly encourage everyone to give their best. I praise those who do well and teach those who are new to the job. 


Question 11. What are the situations that Make You Angry In Nursing?


Answer :

Situations involving the patients’ relatives who become agitated even after the hospital staff give their best to treat them using the available resources make me angry as a nurse. 


Question 12. What Is The biggest mistake That You Have Ever Gotten Away With In Nursing?


Answer :

I once forgot to give the prescription medications to a patient before they were going in for surgery as I was overworked. I think this was the biggest mistake I ever got away with as it was rectified by my supervisor. 


Question 13. What Is The Biggest Criticism You have ever been given From Your Boss In Nursing?


Answer :

I was required to undertake a clinical trial enrolment drive. But since I was lacking the required communication skills, I was not able to perform as per the need for which I was criticised. Since then, I have worked on the betterment of my communication. 


Question 14. What are the qualities that People Most Often Criticize About You As A Nurse?


Answer :

There are no on-going definite aspects of criticism that I face. I am always willing to improve my personal and professional growth. One of the qualities for which I am sometimes criticized as being too much of a perfectionist. I tend to expect very high standards of work from myself and get stressed out in the process. 


Question 15. What Has Been The Greatest Disappointing Situation In Your Life As A Nurse?


Answer :

I do not think I have ever faced a great disappointing situation in my nursing career as I always strive to give my best in all aspects of my job. 


Question 16. What Are Some of The Most Difficult Decisions you have made In Nursing?


Answer :

I think one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make was when my supervisor in the previous hospital quit without prior notice. Even though it was difficult to manage both the clinical and the administrative work, I was able to rearrange the department workload to cover the position until a replacement was hired.  


Question 17. What are your strategies to Handle Stress As A Nurse?


Answer :

Releasing stress is very important to me. Good stress is necessary to stay motivated and productive. I try not to react aggressively to stressful situations and focus on reducing the work pressure.


Nursing Interview Questions and Answers PDF Download here

Nursing interview questions and answers PDF download

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