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Mobile Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Mobile testing Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What is meant by mobile testing applications?

A mobile testing application is a kind of application that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, embedded controllers, personal digital assistants, and wearable computing devices.

  1. Why is mobile testing important?

Mobile testing is very important because of many reasons. One, it can be used to test websites on smartphones and tablets. It will tell whether a website works well on these devices or not. It will also show whether the website has any issues on these devices or not. This is very important for websites because, without mobile testing, apps will not be supported on more than one platform.

  1. How is mobile testing critical in business?

Mobile testing is critical in business. First, mobile testing helps a business determine where an application/website falls short. Secondly, mobile testing helps a business identify potential problems. Finally, mobile testing helps a business adapt to new changes.

  1. What is the difference between mobile device testing and mobile testing application?

Software Testing is the process of creating, executing, and documenting the test cases to ensure a software product meets a certain quality, reliability, and performance objectives. Mobile testing applications are mainly used for testing the application, hardware testing, compatibility testing, etc Mobile testing applications like mobile application (apps) testing, mobile browser testing, mobile download, mobile compatibility testing, mobile automation testing, mobile emulators testing, etc.

  1. Mention the different types of mobile applications ?

There are various types of mobile applications such as native, hybrid, web, and app store.

Native apps are created for a particular platform, such as Android or IOS. The advantage of native apps is speed and performance. Hybrid apps and web apps are cross-platform apps. A hybrid app is written once and the code can be used across various platforms. Web apps are software, which is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and work on any device supporting these technologies.

  1. What are the different types of mobile app testing ?

UI automated testing: This testing is conducted using tools like Selenium and Appium. It uses GUI elements like input fields, labels, buttons, and drop-down menus to create test scenarios.

Local testing: Local testing is conducted by recording user actions and replaying them using automated scripts. Local testing is useful when the user’s actions are not recorded during test execution.

Performance testing: Performance testing helps evaluate the performance of the software. It checks the responsiveness of an application based on user actions and loads. Performance testing should be conducted before an app is deployed.

Functional testing: Functional testing helps validate the ability of an application to perform requested functions. Since functional testing is exploratory it does not record user actions and replays them.

Regression testing: Regression testing helps make sure an application’s functionality stays the same after changes. It evaluates an application’s behaviour before and after changes.

Compatibility testing: Compatibility testing helps test an application’s functionality across different operating systems.

Security testing: Security testing helps test an application’s susceptibility to risks like unauthorised access, misuse, and modification.

Usability testing: Usability testing helps determine if the end-user can use an application without any problems.

  1. What challenges face the mobile testing application?

There are many challenges, however, the biggest concern is the testing speed. There are many factors when it comes to the testing speed, for example, when the mobile testing devices connect to the network, the speed also depends on the network.

Also, there are some problems, when the mobile network is unstable and drains the battery quickly. Another challenge is that it is difficult to test the application on an overseas mobile network.

  1. Which type of mobile testing is used in android testing?

Unit testing is a type of testing that is used to test individual units of code. It also tests the internal working of that particular unit. While integration testing is used to test multiple units of code together.

  1. Which type of mobile testing is used in the new mobile app?

An app may be tested on various mobile devices. The devices used could be different operating systems, screen resolutions, mobile versions, and browsers. The testing of each version of the app ensures that each version performs well on different devices.

  1. What is an automated test plan in mobile testing?

An automated test plan is also known as an automated testing script. It is a document that contains a sequence of steps that you set up, and that determines when a test suite will run and what exactly it will do.

It is very important to understand the difference between an automated test plan and an automated testing script. The automated testing script is the code that you write that will run the tests. The automated test plan contains a set of instructions that tell the code what steps to follow.

  1. What is the best practice for android testing in mobile testing?

The Android platform has a huge ecosystem of apps. So, testing every app is not possible. It is totally a waste of time. So, Android testers should test the apps which are popular in the Android market.

  1. What are the primary criteria for mobile testing?

In mobile testing, the major considerations are functionality, availability, compatibility, performance, and usability. Most mobile testing organisations give priority to usability and compatibility.

  1. How to differentiate between simulators and emulators in mobile testing?

There are mainly 3 types of simulators:

Hardware: These are hardware emulators like Simulink, PSoC, MSP430, etc. They come with a hardware device, so one can use it for running real code.

Software: These are software emulators that run software on a virtual platform. They are mainly used for debugging.

Hybrid: These are a combination of hardware and software.

  1. What is the best way to test UPC on mobile devices?

There is no simple method to test UPC on a mobile device. However, it can use any barcode scanning application and scan the UPC barcode with your phone.

  1. What are the important types of networks used while mobile testing applications?

Application testing can be done through both functional and non-functional testing. Security testing can also be performed on mobile applications. A mobile app testing checklist must include functional testing, user interface testing, security testing, performance testing, and regression testing.

  1. How to perform a sanity test in mobile testing?

Sanity testing is a testing method that checks whether the test code works as intended or not. In case of any error, it reports it and stops execution.

There are several ways to perform a sanity test on mobile testing.

  1. a) the User performs some action in the app
  2. b) Run your test code
  3. c) If it does not crash, continue further
  4. d) If it does not crash, then run the test code
  5. e) Again, if it fails, report the failure and continue further


  1. How to test different screen sizes while mobile testing?

We can use Screenfly to test different screen sizing while mobile testing. Screenfly also allows you to preview different screen sizes before implementing and testing.

  1. What is meant by a common bug in the mobile testing process?

Bugs that are found during mobile testing are termed common bugs. Common bugs are generally due to feature clashes, misconfiguration, or user errors. Such bugs tend to be difficult to reproduce. The root cause of the bug is identified and rectified.

  1. What is A/B testing in the IOS app?

A/B testing is a technique for determining which version of a website or app is most likely to be most effective with a given audience. In A/B testing, a website or app designer runs two versions of that website, with one version essentially identical to another, but with one difference such as the colour of a button. In the browser, a user sees the two versions of the website simultaneously.

  1. What are manual testing and automation testing in mobile testing?

Manual Testing: Manual testing is a testing process where the tester tests the business process manually.

Automation Testing: Automation testing is a testing process where testers test the business process using automation tools like Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and Cucumber.

  1. What are common problems faced in mobile testing?
  • The app may crash when accessed
  • The app may crash when accessed from a certain region
  • The app may crash when accessed from a certain network
  • The app may crash when launched from an emulator
  • The app may hang when launched from an emulator
  • The app may hang when launched from a physical device
  1. What is meant by an android testing work frame in mobile testing?

An Android testing work-frame is also known as a testing frame. It is an automated testing tool. It is a small, portable computer that has both hardware and software. The software installed on the testing frame simulates a mobile device. Many Android testing software vendors offer testing frames. Testing frames are valuable for testing Android devices.

  1. What is meant by triboelectric work-frame in mobile testing?

In triboelectric workpieces, the objects to be tribologically tested are coated with functional materials. The friction between the coating and the objects to be measured produces measurable electrostatic charges. The generated charges are metered by the voltage detector. The measured voltage is displayed on the display as a signal for the triboelectric workpiece.

  1. What is the latest version of ios in mobile testing?

24 is the latest version to be released by Apple, it comes right after 23. Thus, ios 24 is the latest ios version.

  1. What is the type of latest version of android in mobile testing?

Android 8.0 and android 9 Pie are the latest android versions in mobile testing.

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