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Learn latest software how to convert DOC to PDF file in windows 10 using doPDF software.Nowadays  most of the file formats are PDF.Why most of the people using PDF ?It is more capable to compress large files and better security.PDF had a advantage of to read electronic document.The PDF file is easy to convert

Benefits of converting PDF document using software

  1. Portability and ability: It is easy to read and most supporting softwares like Adobe and Acrobat Reader.
  2. It Preserved the visual elements: While converting from Msword to PDF. The images and graphics used  in the word file will easily convert into new PDF doc
  3. Supports interactive format:Various interactive functions like hyperlinks and markup notes.Easily integrate and export ,import the data
  4. Security:security of data is high that not effect to virus or malware.

Now am Explaining  how to convert DOC to PDF

doPDF is the free software convert word to PDF in Windows 10/8/7.Default installer of printer drive it can directly print the converted file easily.It does not required any 3rd party softwares.

Follow the steps.

  1. Google the doPDF software in browser
  2. Download the latest version of doPDF 8 software
  3. Install and RUN the software in your windows PC
  4. open the office document using browse
  5. click on the nova doPDF tab then save as PDF

Features of doPDF software.

  1. Modify the paper size.
  2. Modify the resolution
  3. Modify the orientation.
  4. Change the quality settings with embed font size
  5. supports localization and 26 languages




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