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Best Air Coolers in India 2019 Under 5000Rs, 10000Rs, 15000Rs

Best Air Coolers in India 2019 under 5000Rs, 10000Rs, 15000Rs.Here can select as your need.

Air Coolers are used by all the sections of the society depending upon their use and needs of the product.

As air-coolers are less expensive than Air-Conditioners and it comes with many user-friendly features and many other features as well.

 Best Air Coolers 2019 Under 15000 in India

Best Air Coolers in Indian Market: As rise in the demand for the air coolers in the recent past has been immense and due to its such high demand various company have entered into the market to taste the success as the companies such as Symphony, Kenstar, Bajaj, Usha and many others have captured the market and have tasted huge success in the term for when they had started in this field and now they are the kings of this area.

Seeing to the growth in the demand of the product the companies have launched the product with additional features as well so as to attract people of the lower class who use fans can also be covered by this section.


While buying an Air Cooler there are certain things that should be kept in mind so that you buy the best with a reasonable sum of money or you should say that what are the tips and tricks that one should be aware so that he can get the best value for his money. Before you settle on your choice, one must give appropriate weight-age to the particulars of the model that you have set your eye on. Down beneath are a few highlights that you should remember when you go out to purchase room air coolers.

Quality of Pads: Cooler cushions ought to have a thickness of around 90 mm to infer ideal execution. Keep in mind, cushion thickness is fundamental to get very much cooled air.

Speed Controls: It is a very good option and is feasible if the air-cooler has alternatives for managing speed. You can get home a variable speed cooler that let you control the speed of the fan. Continuously settle with air coolers that give a superior cooling impact and less noise pollution so that you can adjust according to your need and preferences.

Water Level Controller: The Air-cooler that you are looking to buy must have a programmed water level controller so that it is easy to use and which can keep up water in the cooler at pre-set levels and keep it from leaking out.

The water level controller is also helpful in for your understanding that when you are required to again fill in the water, when necessary.

Remote Access: This extra gives you a hands-on feeling for a simple and helpful method of the task. With remote control, you can likewise set the speed of the fan according to your impulses.

With the remote control it is very comfortable and easy for one to use an air-cooler you can control the functions of the cooler even when you are sitting in one end of the room while the cooler is on the other end of the room and you are not required to change any mode of the cooler while going to the cooler and then changing it.

Storage Capacity: One of the main tips while buying an air cooler is to see the water storage capacity of the cooler.

The Air-coolers come in various models and various storage tanks such a 36L, 50L, 80L etc according to the usage and demand of the customer,

so one must be aware as to how much storage capacity is sufficient for a particular customer depending upon its use.

Weather Condition: In light of the climatic states of where you live like Chennai,

you can choose between evaporative/desert coolers or compact coolers. Evaporative cooling is an aid for the cooling indoor spaces, particularly warm climate.

Along these lines, understanding the instrument of evaporative air coolers will enable you to choose the most proper cooling answer for your needs and also it will help you to understand that which type of the model and cooler will be best suited to the place where you live.



Voltas VM-D90MW Desert Cooler:

The voltas best air cooler option that one can buy is the  Desert Cooler. The cooler is very efficient as it made to use only 175 watts of electricity so that it can also work on inverters when there is no electricity.

The cooler is vested with all possible features such as honeycomb pad, wheels, alarm for the empty tank, 90 liters storage capacity and many more and is available at 13000/- in the market.

The cooler is made of superior quality and is one of the best buys that the customer can have.

2) Symphony Storm 70i Tower 70L Air Cooler

The Best cooler for Home up to 8 members family.One of the best options that an individual can get if he is looking to buy an air cooler within the range of 15000 bugs. India’s one of the most reliable brand Symphony offers you its Storm 70i tower model which has a storage capacity of 70 liters, with 7-speed settings.

This is desert cooler with honeycomb pads so that you can get the best experience of using an air cooler.

The Air-cooler has wheels installed with it so that you can move it from one place to other without any hindrance, also the cooler is remotely controlled which even makes it simpler for one to use it. The power consumption of the cooler is very minimum at 365 watts. The cooler is automatic with empty water tank indicator so that you can fill in water as and when required. The cooler is one of the best models that the brand was launched in the market available at this price. The best price of the cooler that you can buy on from is 14300/- in the market which I believe is a deal you would definitely like to opt for.

3) Usha Air King – CD703 Desert Air Cooler

The Best air cooler for powerful wind. The Air-king Compact disc 703 consolidates the intensity of 3-side honeycomb cooling medium with vertical mechanizes louvers to give you powerful wind current, more extensive air toss and four-way air diversion keeping you agreeable wherever you might be in the room.

The most notable component of this cooler is that it chips away at inverter which does not let you down when the power goes off as the power consumption of the cooler is just 190 watts which is very low.

The water storage capacity of the cooler is 70 liters. The cost of the cooler is around 13000/- which is one of the best options that one can get within a budget of 15000.

4) Usha Honeywell CL Air Cooler

The best air cooler with Lightweight. The Honeywell air cooler is one of the coolers that everyone is looking for.

It is one of the most trusted brands and one of the most efficient coolers that are available in the market.

The cooler costs around 12500/- with a power consumption of only 200 watts which will help you in lesser consumption of the electricity.

The cooler has wheels so that you can shift it according to your comfort from one room to another.

The cooler is the symbol of quality.

The cooler is one of the most sold models and is very efficient. The capacity of the cooler is 55 liters for the long lasting and better cooling.

5) Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler

The Best air cooler In India under Low Price. One of the new models and brand that have gained much popularity in the recent year and so is the Crompton Ozone Air-Cooler.

The air cooler is one which is vested with all the features that are possible that you will find in an Air-Cooler.

The tank storage of the cooler is 55 liters and it is desert cooler. The cooler is the best fit for an area of 550 square feet.

The cooler is automatic and the consumption of the cooler is only 190 watts. The cooler is vested with honeycomb pads for better cooling keeping in mind the comfort of the buyer.

The Air Cooler is vested with the highest quality that one can get and it is available within a price of 9800/- in the market.

Since the success in the air cooler industry has been huge which has attracted many new firms and companies to enter into this market as they also want to taste the success in this area many other companies have done that in the past.

With the Growing demand and population, the companies definitely have the scope to do well.

Thus, when a consumer wants to buy an Air-Cooler with the choices that he has if he has a budget of (15000/-), then the best choices that are available with the customer are as follows:

Thus, the best air coolers that an individual can buy from the available alternative choices that are present in the market are as stated above.

If anyone wants to buy the best air coolers in India 2019within the budget of 15000 then he must select as mentioned in this article.

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