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How to apply NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia

1.What is NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia?

NICOP formerly known as NICU for Newborn is the only center for newborn care in Saudi Arabia. It is a specialized hospital where babies weighing more than 400g are born, who experience hypoxia.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) stands for Neonatal intensive care unit.

This can be defined as a part of a hospital in which premature and low weight infants are cared for due to their critical conditions and birth weight. This vital care facility treats new born babies with hypoxia, low blood oxygen level, eye problems and respiratory problem like apnea.

Who can apply NICOP?

In case of newborn’s low birthweight more than 400G They will be treated in NICU at any medical institution in Saudi Arabia

Babies below 1 Kg is considered as very premature and they are referred to the Al- Khalifa Medical City (AKMC) Hospital in Jeddah who is the largest hospital in Saudi Arabia. NICOP network has hospitals located by Al-Khalifa Medical City Hospital, Riyadh Police College and many private clusters of children care centers all over Saudi Arabia

Benefits you will get  – Monitoring System – Diaper Genrater Guarantees Rash Guards Oxygen Tank PenCare Neonatal Simulation Station Hand Bags Toys Plug- in Supplies & Cables

How to check NICOP’s facilities availability?  Make an appointment with your hospital

Don’t expect waiting room furniture here. The Baby Clusters have the best quality and state-of-the-art equipment in each of them and are very much on demand even though they are frequently full due to this facility being a specialized unit centers in Saudi Arabia   As soon as reports come through that there is a newborn

How to apply NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia
How to apply NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia

2. How to apply NICOP for newborn in Saudi Arabia?

Applying NICOP for a newborn depends on the country. In Saudi Arabia, following are the requirements:


1. The mother must be alive and present at application time.

2. It is important that in public health institutions as well as private hospitals medical records from the last two years prior to the pregnancy should be available following up with a visit when information is needed earlier.

3. Bilingual confirmation of parenthood is required.

4. Birth certificate, hospital records and docket from NICOP should be submitted to the number to which you have subscribed for your area or over phone contactable (0)2336277838 in Saudi Arabia).E-mail address:[email protected](User name Password required at application time; DO NOT type it on e mail form!)

5. The official form of NICOP is as below:

6. There may be more than one NICOP in the form above depending on the area where you live or need care. However, for those who do not require a hospital card for domestic work will have these additional requirements written below unlike other professions requiring NICOP confirmation only from their regular employer within Saudi Arabia.”

7. If you are applying abroad there is also NCIC Home Visit (non-certified) insurance; birth certificate, NICOP confirmation and Medical Records


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