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Sadara Careers Saudi

Sadara Careers

At Sadara, we offer a competitive package of fiscal,  life and other precious benefits to those who choose to join us as valued members of our team. Sadara encourages Saudis to join its team and creates compelling openings to attract them. We’re committed to hiring Saudi citizens and offering them the training and support that they need. Saudis are signed grounded on their chops and their felicity to meet our conditions. That’s the reason why we’re looking for smart bents with good eventuality to come to our born leaders. However, we may have a job to fit your passion, If you are passionate about your work.

How to apply for Sadara Careers?

To apply for a position at ٍSadara, upload a  capsule and cover letter to the Careers Portal runner. Once you do, you’ll admit an evidence dispatch. A designated beginner reviews the qualifications of all campaigners and forwards the resumes of the best campaigners to the hiring manager. The hiring manager also selects the applicants to interview.

Withal, an HR representative will convey an offer, If you’re elected. The offer package will include a starting payment and a summary of benefits. We’ll conduct a background check that covers your employment history, references, educational qualifications, etc. A high-position overview of our current onboarding processes.

Kindly apply for Sadara Chemical Company jobs from the below job title related to your designation. You’ll be diverted to the authorized Sadara careers point.

Sadara Careers  Job Vacancies

1. Legal Counsel
2. Rails Operations Superintendent


Established in October 2011, Sadara Chemical Company is a  common adventure developed by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company( Saudi Aramco) and The Dow Chemical Company( Dow). It’s an unknown undertaking – the largest chemical complex ever made up in the world in a single phase, with 26 intertwined world-scale manufacturing shops, over 3 million metric tons of capacity per time, and a total investment of aboutUS$ 20 billion.


Sadara Chemical Company represents a unique alliance between two commercial leaders in their separate diligence – Saudi Aramco The Dow Chemical Company –  brought around together through participated values and a  devoted vision to produce a game changer in the chemical assiduity. Sadara is constructed in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest chemical complex ever made up of a single phase. Sadara will be a Fortune 500 company within the first time of full operation.


At Sadara, we seek to produce value through chemistry. At the same time, we’re committed to contributing to profitable diversification and downstream development in Saudi Arabia.

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