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Check Delhi Metro Card Balance Online

SMART CARD:A smart card is a contactless card which is generally used for the purpose of commute by metro passengers.It is issued by prior authorization of Delhi Metro One saves time and provides the discount on the metro fare.

How to check Delhi Metro Card Balance Online?

At the official website of Delhi Metro One Pvt. Ltd.

you can find a page regarding the Balance inquiry of the smart cards used as a stored-value card or trip pass.

As the page is displayed,

you need to provide your smart card CSC number provided on the back of the card.

For assessing the metro card balance online, the next step is to enter the Captcha and click confirm.

Now the system will validate if you have entered the correct card number.

Finally, it will display the current balance and now you have to enter the amount of recharge as per required.


The cards are available and for the purpose of analyzing the card value,AFC GATE is the detector of the balance.AFC stands for Automated Fare Collection. The offline facility to check the balance is simple. Ticket Readers available at Metro Stations which is present beside the TIM machines.In order to avail the Delhi metro card balance inquiry one is provided with a grace period after the expiry date to resume the recharge of the card henceforth and a maximum amount of recharge should be not more than Rs.3000 and for more details on Delhi METRO CARD BALANCE ENQUIRY use this info

  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
    Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba Road,
    New Delhi – 110001,
  • Board No. – 23417910/12
    Fax No. – 23417921
  • For any Complaints / Queries / Suggestions
    Please Contact DMRC 24 hours service

    Helpline number   155370
    Email ID [email protected]

Delhi Metro Card Validity

The standard smart card comes with a validity period of 180 days.

On the expiry of such a period, a further grace period of another 180 days is provided.

The passengers who regularly commute need to avail the Delhi Metro card validity check provided an online platform for a quick check for up-gradation of the metro card balance.


The most effective method to Know How Much Time or Money is Left on Your MetroCard 

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