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Delhi Metro Timings

Delhi Metro Time Table 2020: Here we will update Delhi Metro Train Timings. Download the Pdf File. It does not run Delhi Metro trains for 24hrs. Metro timings in Delhi start at 4 am and the last train timings details can be downloaded in the pdf file. Here we will provide complete information about metro timings.Also Read How to check Delhi metro card online ?

Delhi Metro Timings  Table

Download PDF File Here- Delhi Metro Timings

Origin StationDestination StationLast TrainTiming
Dilshad GardenTowards Rithala23:00 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Central Sect22:45 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Huda City Centre22:45 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Anand Vihar22:30 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Noida City Centre22:30 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Dwarka22:45 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Dwarka Sec-2122:45 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Mundka23:00 Hrs
Dilshad GardenTowards Sarita Vihar22:39 Hrs
RithalaTowards Dilshad Garden23:01 Hrs
RithalaTowards Inder lok23:46 Hrs
RithalaTowards Central Sect22:34 Hrs
RithalaTowards Huda City Centre22:34 Hrs
RithalaTowards Jahangirpuri23:16 Hrs
RithalaTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:16 Hrs
RithalaTowards Anand Vihar22:10 Hrs
RithalaTowards Noida City Centre22:22 Hrs
RithalaTowards Dwarka22:34Hrs
RithalaTowards Dwarka Sec-2122:34Hrs
RithalaTowards Mundka23:01 Hrs
RithalaTowards Sarita Vihar22:34 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Dilshad Garden23:00 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Rithala22:45 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Huda City Centre23:00 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:55 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Anand Vihar22:45 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Noida City Centre22:45 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Dwarka23:00 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Dwarka Sec-2122:45 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Mundka22:45 Hrs
JahangirpuriTowards Sarita Vihar23:00 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Dilshad Garden23:10 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Rithala22:55 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Inder lok22:55 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Central Sect23:10 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Jahangirpuri00:08Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Huda City Centre23:10 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Anand Vihar22:40 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Noida City Centre22:55 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Dwarka23:10 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Dwarka Sec-2123:10 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Mundka22:55 Hrs
VishavvidalayaTowards Sarita Vihar23:10 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Dilshad Garden22:10 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Rithala22:10 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Inder lok22:10 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Central Sect23:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Jahangirpuri23:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Huda City Centre23:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Anand Vihar22:45 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Dwarka23:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Dwarka Sec-2123:05 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Mundka22:15 Hrs
Noida CityTowards Sarita Vihar23:05 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Dilshad Garden22:19Hrs
DwarakaTowards Rithala22:04 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Inder lok22:04 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Central Sect22:42 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Dwarka Sec-2100:19Hrs
DwarakaTowards Jahangirpuri22:42 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Huda City Centre22:42 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Anand Vihar22:34 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Vishwavidyalaya22:42 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Noida City Centre22:42 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Mundka22:04 Hrs
DwarakaTowards Sarita Vihar22:04 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Dilshad Garden22:15 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Rithala22:02 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Inder lok22:02 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Sarita Vihar22:08 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Anand Vihar22:17 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:30 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Noida City Centre22:15 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Mundka22:02 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Dwarka22:38 Hrs
Huda CityTowards Dwarka Sec -2122:38 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Dilshad Garden22:17 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Rithala22:06 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Inder lok22:06 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Central Sect23:00 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Huda City Centre22:49 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Anand Vihar22:17 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Noida City Centre22:17 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Mundka22:06 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Dwarka22:38 Hrs
Sarita ViharTowards Dwarka Sec -2122:38 Hrs
MundakTowards Dilshad Garden22:44 Hrs
MundakTowards Rithala22:48 Hrs
MundakTowards Inder lok23:00 Hrs
MundakTowards Central Sect22:17 Hrs
MundakTowards Jahangirpuri23:00 Hrs
MundakTowards Huda City Centre22:17 Hrs
MundakTowards Anand Vihar22:00 Hrs
MundakTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:00 Hrs
MundakTowards Noida City Centre22:00 Hrs
MundakTowards Sarita Vihar21:39 Hrs
MundakTowards Dwarka22:17 Hrs
MundakTowards Dwarka Sec -2122:17 Hrs
Interchange Stations
Kashmere GateDestinationTime
Kashmere GateTowards Dilshad Garden23:29 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Rithala23:16 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Inder lok23:16 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Central Sect23:17 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Jahangirpuri00:02 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Huda City Centre23:17 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Anand Vihar22:47 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Vishwavidyalaya00:32 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Noida City Centre23:02 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Mundka23:16 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Dwarka23:40 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Sarita Vihar23;17 Hrs
Kashmere GateTowards Dwarka Sec -2123:18 Hrs
RajivTowards Dilshad Garden23:07Hrs
RajivTowards Rithala22:54 Hrs
RajivTowards Inder lok22:54 Hrs
RajivTowards Central Sect23:27 Hrs
RajivTowards Jahangirpuri23:52 Hrs
RajivTowards Huda City Centre23:27 Hrs
RajivTowards Anand Vihar23:15 Hrs
RajivTowards Vishwavidyalaya00:22 Hrs
RajivTowards Noida City Centre23:23 Hrs
RajivTowards Mundka22:54 Hrs
RajivTowards Dwarka23:40 Hrs
RajivTowards Sarita Vihar22:50 Hrs
RajivTowards Dwarka Sec -2123:38 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Dilshad Garden23:18 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Rithala23:27 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Jahangirpuri23:33 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Huda City Centre22:51 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Anand Vihar22:27 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Vishwavidyalaya23:33 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Noida City Centre22:39 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Mundka23:30 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Dwarka22:51 Hrs
Inder lokTowards Sarita Vihar22:51 Hrs
CentralTowards Dilshad Garden23:05 Hrs
CentralTowards Rithala22:49 Hrs
CentralTowards Jahangirpuri23:47 Hrs
CentralTowards Huda City Centre23:27 Hrs
CentralTowards Anand Vihar23:02 Hrs
CentralTowards Vishwavidyalaya00:17 Hrs
CentralTowards Noida City Centre23:05 Hrs
CentralTowards Mundka22:49 Hrs
CentralTowards Dwarka23:25 Hrs
CentralTowards Sarita Vihar22:53 Hrs
CentralTowards Dwarka Sec -2123:25 Hrs
CentralTowards Inder lok22:49 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Dilshad Garden22:30 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Rithala22:15 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Inder lok22:15 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Central Sect22:40 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Jahangirpuri22:30 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Huda City Centre22:40 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Noida City Centre23:05 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Vishwavidyalaya22:40 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Dwarka23:05 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Dwarka Sec -2123:05 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Mundka22:15 Hrs
Anand ViharTowards Sarita Vihar22:15 Hrs

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