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Philippine consulate DUBAI best services

Philippine consulate DUBAI best services:


Philippine consulate DUBAI As a Filipino in Dubai, you may ponder where to go when you need to process Philippine-government related records. You can basically go to the Philippine Consulate which is situated in Al Qusais. This is the workplace where we handle international ID applications, legal officials, NBI Clearances, marriage declarations, and so on.


Philippine consulate DUBAI The Philippine Overseas Labor office is additionally situated here. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the accompanying data on the administrations offered by these workplaces.

Philippine Consulate in Dubai (PCG Dubai) Philippine consulate DUBAI:

In case you’re hoping to recharge your Philippine international ID or apply for NBI leeway, getting hitched, and so on you can make a beeline for the office consulate. Here are whatever is left of the administrations by this office.

Will assist you with:

  • Passports
  • Notary
  • NBI Clearance
  • Report of Birth
  • Marriage
  • Report of Death
  • Visa Issuance
  • Address: Al Qusais 3 – Dubai, P.O. Box 94778
  • Contact No: + 971 4 220 7100
  • Fax No: + 971 4 220 7800
  • Office Timings: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (No noon break)
  • Website:

Services Offered by Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Dubai

This is the labor office you should be able to get some help regarding issuing OECs and other issues concerning employment.

Will assist you with:

  • OEC Issuance
  • OWWA Membership
  • Case Management
  • Employment Verification
  • verification of documents
  • watchlisting/ blacklisting of employers, recruitment agencies, placement agencies
  • Community Outreach
  • Leaders’ Forum, Socio-cultural Activities, Institutional Events, Labor Market Development and Management
  • Reintegration Preparedness
  • Finance/ Literacy/ Entrepreneurial/ Development Training/ Business Counseling/ Skills/ Value Formation
  • Workers’ Information and Education
  • Labor Education / Post-arrival Orientation Seminar/ Immigration Laws and Procedures
  • Welfare Assistance
  • Hospital Visitation/ Jail Visitation/ Psycho-social counseling/ Work campsite visitation
  • Custodial Program
  • Repatriation Assistance
  • Labor Market Development and Management
  • Address: Philippine Consulate Office, Al Qusais 3 – Dubai
  • Contact No:  + 971 4 220 7011
  • Fax No: + 971 4 220 7277 (POLO)
  • + 971 4 220 7400 (OWWA)
  • + 971 4 220 7221 (PAG-IBIG)
  • Office Timings: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Lunch Break: 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM)
  • Website:


How to Get There:

Metro and Taxi seems to be the most convenient way to get to the Consulate embassy. Here are the directions to get there:

Red line – Drop off at Emirates Station or Rashidiya Metro station. Take a taxi and pay about 20 Dirhams for the fare.

Green Line – Drop off at Al Qusais Metro Station, and you can also take a taxicab as it might get very hot if you walk (around 3 blocks away)

Other Important Philippine contact information:

  • POEA: (+632) 722 1144; (+632) 722 1155
  • OWWA: (+632) 891-7601 to 24;  (+632) 551-6641; (+632) 551-1560
  • DOLE (MEALAB): (+632) 527-3000 loc 107.


The most effective method to Get Married in Dubai for Filipinos: Philippine consulate DUBAI

For Filipinos as of now living in the Dubai and wish to get hitched, the accompanying records must be submitted to the Philippine Consulate General Embassy situated in Al Qusais. The following are the means and prerequisites to achieve in various situations. Philippine consulate DUBAI

Note: Only Filipino Citizens (both sides) can be hitched at the Consulate General.

Prerequisites for Filipino Marriage at the Philippine Embassy in Dubai, Philippine consulate DUBAI

General Procedure and Requirements:

  • Round out Marriage shape, Marriage Announcement frame and Joint Affidavit of Witnesses Form.
  • Submit appropriately rounded out structures and different necessities indicated in Case A to Marriage Section.
  • Continue to the Cashier for installment.
  • A date of marriage might be given to Filipino forthcoming couples.
  • Return on given date of marriage with no less than two (2) witnesses and unique receipt. Continue to Marriage Section.
  • Report for Marriage Fee: AED 340

Essential Reminders:

In the event that one of the contracting gathering was already hitched, submit unique properly verified/DFA-confirmed Annotated Marriage Contract, Finality of Dissolution of Marriage, and changed travel permit.

The Marriage Section is open from Sunday to Thursday aside from occasions (Both Philippines and UAE). No preparing/application on Thursday to offer approach to solemnization of marriage.

All structures must be electronic/typewritten in Block Format.

In the event that both sides are Filipino resident, you have to present the accompanying to the marriage segment of Consulate:

  • Marked marriage contract
  • Report of Marriage
  • Marriage License
  • Travel permit of contracting gatherings
  • On the off chance that one of the contracting gathering is not a Filipino native, you have to do the accompanying:
  • Round out Report of Marriage Form.


Submit one (1) Original and five (5) Photocopies of “English Translated Marriage Contract” properly bore witness to by Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai at Marriage Section Marriage Section.

Submit five (5) shading photographs and five (5) travel permit shading duplicates of both sides.

  • Pay fitting Courier Fee.
  • Continue to Cashier for installment.
  • Exchange finish. Sit tight for conveyance of report by means of messenger.

Imperative Reminder: If marriage was not reported inside 6 months from the date of marriage, you have to submit and Affidavit of Delayed Registration (five duplicates) Additional 100AED. Different Scenarios of Reporting Marriage in Dubai Consulate General Requirements in reporting for marriage may vary depending on the situation. Below are the cases and their requirements:

For Filipinos Planning to Get Married in the Consulate General’s Premises, you need to accomplish the following:

  • Marriage Application Form for License
  • Joint Affidavit of Witnesses Form
  • Marriage Announcement Form
  • Required Enclosures


Original DFA-Authenticated NSO Certificate of Non-Marriage (CENOMAR), and Original DFA-Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate Note: (Cenomar is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance and it must be “For Marriage Purposes”)

  • Passport Copies and Visa Copies of Groom, Bride, (two) Witnesses
  • (two) color copies each recent passport-size photos of bride and groom
  • Original DFA-Authenticated Advice of Parents for applicants aged 21-25
  • Original DFA-Authenticated Consent of Parents for applicants aged 18-21
  • For Filipinos Planning To Get Married In Other Venues Recognized by the UAE Government
  • (two) Marriage Application Forms for Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (LCCM)
  • (one) Joint Affidavit Form
  • (one) Marriage Announcement Form
  • (one) Report of Marriage Form [properly filled up, clear , complete and legibly]
  • (one) Affidavit of Singleness Form

Required Enclosures:

Original DFA-Authenticated NSO Certificate of Non-Marriage (CENOMAR), and Original DFA-Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate

  • Passport Copies and Visa copies of Groom, Bride, (2) Witnesses
  • (2) pcs. of each recent color passport-size photos of bride and groom
  • Original DFA-Authenticated Advice of Parents for applicants aged 21-25
  • Original DFA-Authenticated Consent of Parents for applicants aged 18-21
  • For married Filipino Muslim males, Original DFA-authenticated Consent of First Wife
  • For a Filipino Planning To Marry a Foreigner (Note: Only Filipinos can be married at the Philippine Consulate General)
  • (2) Marriage Application Forms or Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage
  • (1) Joint Affidavit Form
  • (1) Marriage Announcement Form
  • (1) Report of Marriage Form [fill up clearly & legibly]
  • (1) Affidavit of Singleness Form

Required Enclosures:

For the Filipino Applicant Unique DFA-Authenticated NSO Certificate of Non-Marriage (CENOMAR) and Original DFA-Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate


  • Travel permit Copies and Visa duplicates of Groom, Bride, (2) Witnesses
  • (2) pcs. every late shading international ID estimate photographs of lady of the hour and prepare
  • Unique DFA-Authenticated Advice of Parents for candidates matured 21-25
  • Unique DFA-Authenticated Consent of Parents for candidates matured 18-21
  • For the Foreign Applicant
  • Unique Certificate of Civil Status from the Applicant’s Embassy or Consulate in the UAE
  • In the event that officially wedded Muslim [for Males only], composed unique Consent of First Wife confirmed by candidate’s Embassy or Consulate in the UAE
  • FOR UAE NATIONALS ONLY: Written assent from guardians authenticated by a nearby legal counselor and, if officially wedded, composed Consent by First Wife, likewise authorized by a neighborhood legal counselor
  • (2) new international ID estimate shading photographs and (2) shading duplicates of substantial identification
  • Testament of Good Moral Character from the UAE Police
  • Unique Certificate of No Objection to Marry from the business TO INCLUDE data on Salary, years of administration or livelihood
  • Joint Affidavit of (2) observers of an indistinguishable nationality from candidate
  • How to Check the Status of Your Philippine Passport Application?


Note: If you have not renewed your passport, you can read the steps to do so here  – How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in Dubai. Passport Application Status Onlinephil passport dubai

  • To check if your passport has been released, you can simply visit this website and click the dates on the calendar. These are links where you can view the list of names whose passports are available for pick-up.
  • This page is updated on a regular basis once the government office has received the new batch of passports from DFA-Manila.


Additional Tip: You can also Like the Facebook Page of the PCG Dubai and make sure to get notifications whenever they release an announcement when there are new passports being issued.

Here’s their FB Page: PCG Dubai and Northern Emirates Facebook Page

Note: Once your name is listed, please proceed to the Consulate General with your OLD PASSPORT AND OFFICIAL RECEIPT to claim your new e-passport.

Note from the Website:

Applicants do not have to call the Consulate General to re-confirm if their passport is indeed available for pick-up. The passport is available once displayed on this page.

Applicants may authorize someone to pick-up the passport on their behalf. The following are the requirements: AUTHORIZATION LETTER, OLD PASSPORT, ORIGINAL RECEIPT, CLAIM STUB, AND VALID IDENTIFICATION CARD OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE.

Pursuant to Department Order No. 37-03, all passports unclaimed by the applicants after six (6) months from the date of issuance shall be cancelled.

This page is immediately and regularly updated everytime a delivery of passports is made from DFA-Manila.

You may check earlier release dates for your passports.Your passport may have been included in the earlier releases.

The Philippine Consulate General of Dubai and the Northern Emirates is located far from the city and you have to ride the metro train to Rashidiya and then hail a taxicab which to the location. As far as we have know, there’s no bus going to the Philippine Consulate in Dubai yet, so you have to pay about 20 Dirhams for the taxi fare. philippine consulate dubai

By checking the status online, you don’t have to worry if your passport is available or not and you can save money and time. Hope this article helps mga kabayan! philippine consulate dubai


Philippine consulate DUBAI Aspirants who are interested about Philippine consulate DUBAI those can register or the respective notification. we frequently published the Philippine consulate DUBAI job notifications and any usefull information here. so, viewers please stay tune to our web site and get more updates.


philippine consulate dubai
philippine consulate dubai


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