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Urgent Requirement for Oman

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Urgent Requirement for Oman
Job List and Description Text
Designation-no. Of vaccines-nationality-Indian exp.-GCC exp.-education-languages-working hrs-basic salary

Laundry Asst. Manager-1-any-Any-5-_-english-to be determined-150-250

Laundry Attendant-2-Indian-min 2-min 2-skilled-ARABIC ENGLISH HINDI-12 hrs-125-140

Recruitment Coordinator-2-Indian-6months-Nill-graduate- English, arabic-10 hrs-200

Cook Main-1-Indian-3yrs-3yrs-diploma-English-9 hrs-200

Assistant Cook-1-Indian-1yr-3yrs-diploma-English-9 hrs-150

Waiter-2-Indian-NA-2yrsmin-diploma-English-9 hrs-110

Walk In Interview in New Delhi
Jobs at Oman
Interview Address and Contact Details
R.S. INTERNATIONAL,  G-32, 3rd Floor, Main Kalkaji Road, Kalkaji New Delhi – 110019  contact: 01149053121, 09311656444, 09811668579
 rs [email protected]
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