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All candidates must have 9yrs of relavent experience of which 4yrs in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant experience.

  • MECHANICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: SNUBBERS /TENDON GALLERY: Perform snubber testing and Inspections Perform snubber repairs & replacements, Perform tendon gallery testing and maintenance. Bachelor’s Degree In Engineering.
  • MECHANICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: VALVES AOV/MOV/RV: Perform valve (i.e.AOV/MOV/RV) maintenance and inspections. Perform valve (i.e., Aov/MOV/RV) performance testing and non-destructive evaluation (NOE), Perform valve (i.e., AOV/MOV/ROV) component replacement. Perform periodic and surveillance tests as required Bachelor’s Degree In Engineering, Valve Testing Certified. NDE Certified.
  • MECHANICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: FEED WATER CONDENSATE: Perform feed water turbine overhauls to maintain highly functioning Perform feed water & condensate motor overhaul / replacement, perform feed water valve overhaul/ replacement.
  • MECHANICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: REACTOR COOLANT SYSTEM (RCS) TURBINE & REFUEL:- Perform RCS maintenance and Inspections, Perform RCS performance monitoring & non-destructive evaluation (NDE) testing. Perform RCS component replacements.
  • MECHANICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: COMMON WATER SYSTEMS TURBINE: Perform maintenance of water supply, treatment, and storage components to maintain highly functioning equipment and support safe operations. Establish performance monitoring plan for common water systems
  • ELECTRICAL LEAD PLANT AREA: TURBINE AND FUEL SERVICES : Perform electrical bus inspections and maintenance, electrical breaker overhauls, electrical excitation, inspections, and maintenance, electrical load sequences and relay maintenance.
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J.M. Mehta and co., Oasis building,  near vakola Municipal Market, vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai-400055
[email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected]
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