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– Circular-saw operator

– Log cut-off operator

– Plywood press-operator

– Sawmill operator

– Sawmill planer operator

– Sawmill trimmer operator

– Wood-processing plant sawyer

Job Description:

Wood processing plant operators monitor, operate, and control automated lumber mill equipment for sawing timber logs into rough lumber, cutting veneer, making plywood and particle board, and otherwise preparing wood for further use. Tasks:

Main Tasks include

(a) examining logs and rough lumber to determine size, condition, quality and other characteristics to decide best lumber cuts to carry out, or operating automated equipment to convey logs through laser scanners which determine the most productive and profitable cutting patterns

(b) operating and monitoring log in-feed and conveyor systems .

(c) operating and monitoring automated lumber mill equipment from control rooms or equipment consoles head saws, resaws and multiblade saws to saw logs, cants, flitches, slabs or wings and remove rough edges from sawn timber into dressed lumber of various sizes, and saw or split shingles and shakes

(d) operating and monitoring plywood core-laying machines and hot-plate plywood presses and machines which cut veneer

(e) cleaning and lubricating sawmill equipment.

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Contact: Mr. Sharma-9971576976

Mr. Deepak – 8384023279

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