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SOLID WORK DESIGN 15No. (Salary PLN 15-17/h)

Work in the office, AutoCAD creating production documentation, assembly instructions & various types of documents. Design & construction of playground equipment

FORKLIFT OPERTOR 10No. (Salary PLN 16/h)

Vehicle maintanance & charging, unloading, moving, goods, equipment or other materials.

CNC OPERATOR 35No. (Salary 13.50-15/h)

work in production operation of the CNC machine(cutting of data elements according to files sent by technologists.

POWDER COATING (POWDER PAINTER) 20No. (Salary PLN 14-15/h) Work in production, operation of powder coating equipment, operation of all necessary equipment as part of the powder coating process.

PRESS BREAK OPERATOR 15No. (Salary PLN 18-19/h)

Work in production, operation of sheet metal bending machine & all process that are directly related to this position.

GRINDER 20No. (Salary 13.50-15/h) TIG WELDER 60No. (Salary PLN 18/h)

Work in production, welding of stainless steel elements, various types of metal sheets, square & round profile

2D,3D LASER OPERATOR 10No. (Salary 13.50-15/h)

Work in production, laser operation & all direct tasks that are inherent in the operation of this type of machine

QUALITY CONTROLLER 7 No. (Salary PLN 15-16/h)

Work in the office & work in production control of correctly manufactured elememts according to control documentation, analysis reports on control & observation.

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