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ABOUT CAREERS.GOV.SG: When you join with, you will be a part of the Public Service and share their central goal and qualities. They are searching for individuals who are energetic about building our country, whether it is showing the kids, guarding their groups or arranging their national spending plans.


mission of the is to work with the chose Government to shape Singapore’s future, produce a typical vision among Singaporeans and change the vision into a reality. they shield the freedom, power, security and success of Singapore.

  • Role: Manager/Executive Manager (Procurement)
    Agency: Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore
    Work type: Permanent
    Location: Singapore
    Categories: Accounting, Audit, Finance
    qualification: degree in Accountancy
    website: [email protected] /
  • Title: Corporate Support Officer
    Agency: Ministry of education
    Work type: Contract
    Location: Singapore
    Categories: Accounting, Audit, Finance, Administration Support, Education, Human Resources.
    experience: 4 years of relevant work experience


They maintain equity and uniformity, guided by the standards of moral soundness, meritocracy and fairness.  The objectives are they manufacture a dynamic, effective and lively country of fabulousness, with a sheltered, secure and stable environment. they make the best conditions for Singapore to succeed and for Singaporeans to accomplish elevated requirements of living.

They encourage a firm and concordant society, in view of regard, tend to kindred residents. Staff advancement is an imperative part of endeavoring towards incredibleness for general society benefit. they have an outlook for incredibleness – endeavoring to be as well as can be expected be in his or her part. they drive brilliance by being quality arranged, working with others to accomplish magnificence and by looking for constant change.

  • Role: Executive, Programme Management Team
    Organization: Civil Service College
    Work type: Permanent/Contract
    Location: Singapore
    Categories: Administration Support, Training and Development
    experience: 2 years of relevant working experience.
  • Title: Senior Infrastructure Engineer – Network & Comms
    Agency: centre for strategic infocomm Technologies
    Work type: Permanent
    salary: disclosed
    Location: Singapore
    Categories: Engineering, InfoComm, Technology, New Media Communications
    website: [email protected]

Quality Orientation: give auspicious, productive and astounding administration and results. To do as such, we guarantee they are skilled in our own particular zone of mastery and work, take a stab at administration greatness and do our best to convey fantastic results. They additionally guarantee we are auspicious and responsive in conveying administrations and results.


  • work together, share and bolster each other to accomplish incredibleness.
  • Among people and organizations, they team up and cultivate collaboration to accomplish shared objectives by encouraging the sharing of assets and data, and giving direction and support to help other people create.

Consistent Improvement:

  • They look for advance and push new limits by going out on a limb, testing standards, and attempting new and inventive thoughts to achieve upgrades.
  • We additionally do as such by demonstrating openness to change, looking for option perspectives and input, and adapting new aptitudes to enhance ourselves. gateway discharges some occupation notices in view of organization field they are, Accountant-General’s Department, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore, Attorney-General’s Chambers, Auditor-General’s Office, Building and Construction Authority, Central Provident Fund Board, Center for Strategic Infocomm Technologies, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Civil Service College, Competition Commission of Singapore, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Council for Estate Agencies and some more.

  • Role: Infrastructure Engineer
    Work type: Permanent
    Location: Singapore
    salary: not specified
    Categories: Engineering, InfoComm, Technology, New Media Communications
    experience: 2 years of work experience
    website: [email protected]
  • Job title: Executive, corporate planning.
    agency: Economic Development Board.
    Work type: Permanent
    Location: Singapore
    Categories: Administration Support, Corporate Strategy/Top Management.
    experience: 2 years of work experience
    website: [email protected] gives the occupation notices according to the different classes like InfoComm, Technology, New Media Communications, Organization Support, Policy Formulation, Education and numerous other. They will post the occupation warnings according to the classifications arrange. At authority site, we can locate the all occupations by classes field, all employments by organization field and all employments by capability field. hopefuls who are looking for the most recent occupation posts those can scan for the employment notices through office, capabilities and classifications. 



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