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Delta Corporation – Qatar

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Delta Corporation – Qatar
Job List and Description Text

Bucking Operator-5-5000 QAR

CNC/Machine Shop Supervisor-5-5000 QAR

PWHT Technician-5-

Copper Plating Operator-8-1500-2000 QAR

CNC Machine Operator-8-1800-2000 QAR

Swaging Operator-8-1800-2000 QAR

Blasting Operator-8-1800-2000 QAR

Hardbanding Operator-8-1800-2000 QAR

Bandsaw Operator-8-1800-2000 QAR

Skilled Helpers-8-1000 QAR

Walk In Interview in Mumbai
Jobs at QATAR
Interview Address and Contact Details
Sabavath MUMBAI
[email protected]
Interview Date

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