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Requirements for Poland

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Requirements for Poland
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General Worker-10-15 zł / per hour-0-1 year-Plastic bag production

CNC turner-10-15 zł / per hour-1-5 years- Aluminum parts manufacturers

General Worker-10-15 zł / per hour-_-Furniture factory

Sawmill Worker-10-15zł / per hour-0-1 year-Sawmill

Meat Factory Worker-13.13 zł / per hour +bonus-1-5 year-Dutch chicken meat factory

Unmanned Worker-10.25 zł / per hour-_-Furniture factory(Carpentry work)

Shopkeeper-14 zł / per hour-1-5 years-Warehouse shopkeeper

Quality control-10.8 zł / per hour-1-5 years-Plastic product for BMW, VW, Porsche

Bread Packing-1900 to 2500 zł / per months-_-Bread Factory

Handyman-12 zł / per hour-_- chicken meat Factory

Handyman-10.25 zł / per hour-_-Samsung refrigerator production

Welder-10.25 zł / per hour-1-5 years-furniture co.

GRINDER-12 zł / per hour-1-5 years-production of disiel engine

General Worker-2500 to 2800 zł / per months-_-Electronic production

Construction Mounting-2300 to 4056 zł / per months-2-5 years-metal construction

Mason-3600 to 4800 zł / per months-2-5 years-brick layer construction

Walk In Interview in Dehradun
Jobs at Poland
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Blue winz, Dehradun

Contact: +919675693599

[email protected]
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