The actual name designation journey began by process criteria, qualities, and conditions, all of that bear a transparent and firm vision for selection; then, sorting and testing the lists of names planned by the consulting team. The list enclosed 2,000 names, that was more reduced – as per the standards and necessities – to 150 names and so reduced once more to 5 names. However, none of them was chosen or prescribed.

NEOM can introduce a replacement model for urban property power-driven by 100% renewable energy. it’ll adopt environmental responsibility principles, that promote property and regenerative development practices.



1. Modeling specialist
2. Innovation hub professional
3. Partnership and commercialization professional
4. Head of trucking
5. Freight forward specialist
6. Principal/lead planning engineer
7. Architect – urban planning
8. Environmental assessment management – Marine
9. Environmental assessment management- line
10. Custom platform project manager
11. Industrial and commercial (I&C), customer service desk senior manager
12. Content correlation manager
13. Biodiversity and livability specialist
14. Graduate network engineer
15. Key account contract manager




NEOM offers career opportunities during a wide selection of industries, with development programs that vary from internships to employment for senior workers, sanctioning our various manpower to be told and thrive.

NEOM are going to be a hub for innovation, wherever established international businesses and rising players will analysis, incubate and commercialize groundbreaking technologies to accelerate human progress. Commerce and trade are going to be integrated into communities to make provide chains that facilitate innovative and economical operations.


NEOM are going to be designed around folks, not cars, and designed for convenience and walkability. Adopting a pedestrian-first approach, all amenities are going to be at intervals a five-minute walk.

They reimagine urban living by establishing walkability as its cornerstone. Communities are going to be designed on a physical and digital infrastructure layer containing essential utilities and transportation services integrated below the surface.




NEOM teams revealed their latest job vacancies on the NEOM website’s careers page. These jobs are settled in saudi arabia. obtaining these marvellous jobs needs a straightforward online application method solely. All job seekers will apply on to the corporate through the below links. NEOM teams searching for passionate, energetic, versatile team players, who are fanatical and luxuriate in the challenges of operating for a chop-chop growing coalition.



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