JHAH Careers

JHAH Careers

Saudi Aramco is appearing for educated professionals, educated to place position or original, who want to make their mark on world-class oil painting and gas missions while enjoying the prices of abiding and working out in Saudi Arabia. We generally look for campaigners who have around 5 to 10 times of applicable experience.

 Innovation is largely appraised at Saudi Aramco,  consequently, we’re invariably interested in thesis work that furthers the assiduity’s general knowledge of oil painting and gas disquisition and product. Plus, being an active member of an applicable professional association is a real advantage.

 How to apply for JHAH Careers?

Are you appearing to contribute to patient security and quality, while growing and mastering your taken career? At JHAH, you can make a positive jolt in patient care, while working out with different and expert professionals. Take your career to the coming position, and join JHAH in suiting the future of healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 In line with the Saudi unreality 2030 and JHAH’s devotion to being an inclusive plant, we drink the chops and bents of all individualities,  involving persons with disabilities.

JHAH Careers and Job Vacancies

1. Dosimetrist
2. Patient Services Advisor
3. Associate Accountant
4. Occupational Therapist
5. Neurologist
6. Radiologist
7. Associate Emergency Med Tech
8. Paramedic
9 Pharmacy Specialist
10. Sr Clinical Lab Technologist – Chemistry
11. Clinical Pharmacist
12. Senior Pharmacist
13. Senior Business Analyst
14. Staff Physician, Dematology
15. Staff Physician, Anesthesia


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